12 Proven Health Benefits Of Ice Bath

An ice bath is the process of submersion of the body in ice-cold water to cure different health conditions and stimulate health benefits. It is also called cryotherapy or cold-water immersion (CWI). This process is usually done by taking warm showers and switching to cold ones. It is essential to gradually drop the temperature to prevent the body from being numb by the sudden change in temperature. Immerse in the ice bath (around 10°C to 15°C) for 10-15 minutes.

Ice bath works due to their ability to reduce swelling and repair damage in the muscle. It constricts the blood vessels to reduce metabolic activity. Metabolic activity stresses the muscle more, leading to injury or strain after an intense workout. Ice baths can also reduce pressure on the cardiovascular system, bringing down elevated body temperature. However, ice baths can also harm the body, so ensure that someone is nearby to help in emergencies, like trouble lifting the body due to numbness and fatigue caused by intense activity. Consulting a doctor or physician is advised before trying this therapy. 

This article tackles some of the benefits of cold water immersion therapy or ice bath in the body.

Eases Sore and Painful Muscles

Muscle soreness indicates damage and micro tears in the connective tissue around the muscle during an intense workout and physical activity. Patients suffering from acute muscle soreness may feel a burning sensation in the strained muscles due to metabolite buildup during an intense exercise. Ice bath targets muscle soreness caused by physical activity.

The cold water from the ice bath contracts the blood vessels. This slows down the blood flow and eases swelling and soreness in the muscle after a long and intense activity. A study shows that the pain-relieving effect of an ice bath or cold-water immersion (CWI) is effective in reducing delayed soreness. In addition, the compression of the ice bath and water pressure in blood vessels helps flush toxin products, like lactic acid, and it reduces fluid accumulation from the contrived tissues. 

Promoters of post-workout cold-water immersion (CWI) or ice bath laud the ability of ice baths to speed up recovery. The benefits it does to muscle soreness and pain are remarkable but consult a physician or doctor first to ensure that the process is bearable for the body.