10 Best Home Remedies For Tonsillitis (List)

Eating Cold and Soft Foods

This home remedy can be surprising for some, but experts recommend that patients with tonsilitis eat cold and soft foods. For example, frozen yogurt, ice cream, chilled smoothies, cold water, and fruit popsicles can numb the throat, thus giving the patient instant relief. Parents around the globe use this technique when dealing with a child with tonsilitis. Since children rarely resist eating this type of food, this technique is an easy way to help them ease their pain. Moreover, some patients may also find relief in chewing gums or sucking candies with menthol or mint since they also have cooling and numbing effects.

In relation to this, patients with tonsillitis should avoid eating sharp and hard foods like chips, cereals, crackers, raw apples, toast, and raw vegetables. Hard foods can cause discomfort and pain as they pass through the throat. They can also worsen the inflammation and irritation caused by tonsillitis.