12 Effective Tonsil Stones Home Remedies You Should Try

Tonsils are lymph nodes found at the back of the mouth and top of the throat. Each tonsil is composed of tissues that are similar to lymph nodes, and covered by pink mucosa. These soft tissues are part of the body’s immune system. Because of their location, they can fight infection by filtering bacteria and other germs to prevent bacterial infection. In addition, tonsils contain white blood cells, which are responsible for combating germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

Tonsil stones, also called tonsilloliths, are small lumps composed of hardened bacteria, food debris, particles, and microorganisms from the mouth. Symptoms of tonsil stones include bad breath, irritable cough, earache, sore throat, and bitter taste in the mouth. 

Tonsil stones are accumulated through the piling up of debris and particles in the tonsils. It may indicate a person is not hygienic enough with oral health. Bacteria buildup is caused by the microorganisms that enter the mouth. Improper oral hygiene may cause severe damage and serious bacterial growth and development.

Tonsil stones are serious conditions that can affect daily life. To cure them, here are some home remedies for tonsil stones. 

Gargling with Saltwater

Salt is a mineral substance that is composed of sodium and chloride. This mineral is used as a preservative due to its antibacterial properties. It can kill bacteria and prevent their growth and development. This is possible due to the sucking of water content from them; this process is called osmosis. Osmosis plays a vital role in preventing bacterial buildup. During this process, the water passes out to the bacteria to balance its salt content on each cell membrane. 

Gargling is an act of bubbling fluid in the mouth to create an osmosis effect. It is important because it can reach plaque, food particles, and bacteria in the mouth. This can increase oral hygiene levels. 

Combining saltwater and gargling is an effective way to eliminate tonsil stones. Saltwater rinse increases the pH balance of the mouth, creating a more alkaline oral area where bacteria can’t thrive. This prevents the buildup of bacteria since it prefers acids. Neutralizing the pH level inside the mouth is vital in treating tonsil stones. The saltwater gargle may dissolve the bacterial buildup while preventing further accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.