11 Home (And Natural) Remedies For Tinnitus

Remove Earwax 

Some people with tinnitus reported that the condition worsens with a lot of wax inside their ears. As tempting as it is to attempt to clean them at home, it’s ill-advised to remove them yourself with a cotton bud or your finger because it may end up pushing them further into your ear canal, which can lead to impaction. Doing so could make the tinnitus much worse than it already is and even causes loss of hearing if untreated. The ears should be able to naturally clear the wax, pushing it enough to be safely wiped away. But if you’re having trouble with it, a drop or two of olive oil may prevent further earwax build-up.

Sometimes, people use Hopi candles as home remedies to remove earwax. However, while many find them effective, they can pose a safety risk since there’ll be an open flame over or next to the head. For those with a severe earwax blockage problem, it’s a rule of thumb to seek the assistance of a healthcare provider immediately.