14 Effective Stye Home Remedies You Should Try

A stye is an irritated oil gland in the corner of the eyelid and appears like a red, raised lump on the skin, like a pimple. This promotes the growth of germs inside the obstructed gland. It seems swollen and tender to the touch, and pus can develop on the inside. It is often mistaken for a boil or a pimple since both appear like a red bump around the eyelid.

Blepharitis or external styes might appear on the lower or upper eyelid. This is the most common type of stye and is caused by an infection in the eyelash follicle. Internal styes might appear on the inside of either of the eyelids, which face the eyeball. This is commonly caused by an infected oil-producing gland in the inner eyelid.

The infection can move to the other eyelid in some instances and cause eyelid cellulitis, which needs oral medicines to treat. 

Typically, a stye will heal independently without treatment within a few days. Meanwhile, home remedies such as warm compress, tea bags, and massaging the area may alleviate the swelling and speed up the healing process. If the swelling spreads to the face and cheeks, immediate medical attention is needed.

Warm Compress

An eye stye is best treated with a warm compress. The pus is brought to the surface and dissolved by the warmth, allowing the stye to drain normally. Warm water and a clean washcloth can be used as a warm compress. Cool the water down a little if it’s too hot to avoid burns. Squeeze the water out of the towel until it is just moist. Then, for 5-10 minutes, hold it comfortably against the closed eye. This can be done three or four times daily for five to ten minutes each. Alternatively, cotton balls can be soaked in warm water and used as a compress. Don’t pick at the stye or attempt to poke it.

Moist heat treatments like this decrease the swelling and inflammation. Warm compresses are applied to a stye to encourage rupture and drainage of the white pus generated developed due to infection. Do not attempt to squeeze the stye open. They can heal on their own in a few days once the swelling has completely subsided. Warm compresses can also help it heal faster in two to four days.