14 Home (And Natural) Remedies For Stretch Marks

Human skin has the extraordinary capacity to expand and compress as necessary. Although elastic, the underlying tissues are susceptible to harm if they are stretched too swiftly. Eventually, stretch marks may result from the skin’s accelerated expansion or muscle building and appear when the skin rapidly changes because of gaining weight. However, they certainly don’t indicate that an individual’s health is compromised in any way.

Stretch marks can affect all ages regardless of gender. However, the two phases of life when they occur most frequently are gestation and adolescence. Around five or six months of pregnancy, these pinkish stripes appear and will last even after a postnatal period.

A stretch mark will initially manifest as a thin, reddish line with a texture distinct from the surrounding skin. On the breasts, chests, thighs, abdomen, forearms, and hips, they typically develop and are more noticeable. Usually, stretch marks will disappear naturally with time. But after fading, they could become less apparent. Typically, stretch marks that have faded resemble blemishes and appear lighter in color.

Most people use pricey, chemical-filled lotions to eliminate stretch marks on their bodies. However, some home remedies are as effective. Here are some excellent examples.

Aloe Vera

Aloe, a succulent plant that often grows in warm, arid areas, produces aloe vera, a gel-like substance that contains active ingredients like amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can help treat several skin ailments. This thick, short-stemmed shrub stores water in its leaves. Although it is primarily recognized for healing skin injuries, numerous additional uses for it may be healthy.

According to research, aloe vera also has therapeutic abilities that might aid in removing and preventing stretch marks. It also benefits in the recovery of burned skin, fights skin aging, lightens facial imperfections, hydrates skin, and is good for the hair and scalp.

Since pure aloe vera helps soothe and rejuvenate skin, it might be worthwhile to try it. Pure aloe vera or an over-the-counter product can be applied directly to the stretch marks every day after a bath. Combine two capsules of vitamin E with a few tablespoons of aloe gel and stir thoroughly. After massaging the region with this gel for a few minutes, let it on for around 50 to 60 minutes. Then, wash it off or let it sit longer. Repeat two times daily for optimal outcomes.