10 Natural & Home Remedies For Psoriasis (List)

Healthier Lifestyle

A person’s lifestyle plays a vital role in their physical health. Experts advise patients with existing medical conditions to quit their vices, such as excessive alcohol intake and smoking.

It has been established that smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. And the nicotine found in cigarettes can cause psoriasis, with several studies showing that heavy smokers are more likely to develop psoriasis. Smoking can also trigger the flare-up of existing symptoms of psoriasis. Furthermore, recent data shows that 98 percent of smokers who quit smoking experienced significant improvements in their skin conditions. Quitting smoking is also linked to improving the efficacy of psoriasis treatment and reducing the risks of having severe symptoms.

Another vice that patients with psoriasis need to avoid is drinking alcohol. Alcohol, if taken in any amount, can trigger the flare-up of psoriasis symptoms. In addition, a recent study found that the amount of alcohol intake is directly proportional to the likeliness of developing psoriasis. To support this claim, several small-scale studies were conducted. For instance, one study showed that women who drank at least four nonlight beers weekly had 87 percent more chances of developing psoriasis than non-drinkers.