10 Effective Plantar Warts Home Remedies You Should Try

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has impressive anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-viral properties. Because of these properties, tea tree oil has been used in alternative medicine to cure skin conditions such as athlete’s foot, acne, and psoriasis. In addition, recent studies have explored the oil’s potential to eliminate the plantar warts. Currently, there is not enough scientific research to prove the effectiveness of tea tree oil against warts, but several anecdotal reports support this claim.

Moreover, an older study conducted in 2009 showed that the application of tea tree oil helped in the disappearance of warts after 14 days. In addition, the study reported that 85 percent of patients who used this treatment were completely healed, with no marks, itchiness, or inflammation afterward. Skin experts also approved using tea tree oil as a home remedy for plantar warts, but they highlighted that undiluted tea tree oil can be harsh to the skin and may cause irritation.

To use it safely, mix 1 to 2 drops of concentrated tea tree oil with 12-15 drops of almond or castor oil. Drop some of this mixture in a cotton ball or clean cloth, and use it to cover warts for 3 to 5 minutes. Repeat this procedure three times a day until the warts finally fall off.