Treating Lice At Home: 15 Home Remedies

Wet Combing

Wet combing is a safe and effective way to get rid of lice. However, it’s best to use a fine-toothed comb that is not too wide, as this will help you get through the hair more quickly. Wet combing is a home remedy used to eliminate lice and nits. It is performed by shampooing the hair and then combing it with a conditioner to remove eggs, dead lice, and debris. The method behind wet combing lies in its ability to remove nits from the hair shaft without damaging it.

Wet combing is effective in damp or dry hair but is more efficient when hair is washed before combing. In addition, it does not damage hair as much as other methods, such as dandruff shampoo or a fine-toothed comb on dry hair. Wet combing also increases effectiveness by reaching small areas, such as behind the ears, braids, or weaves.

The effectiveness of wet combing at eliminating lice infestations mainly depends on how soon it is done after an infestation has been discovered. You must remove them before the eggs hatch. Once dry, a louse egg may look like an egg, but under magnification, it seems like an oyster shell. It has two layers – one hard outer layer, with little spikes sticking up from it, and an inner layer that’s softer and pales yellowish or white.