13 Natural & Home Remedies For Laryngitis (List)

Salt Water

Numerous studies reveal the supposed therapeutic benefits of salt water. While it will not treat the causative factor or laryngitis, its hypertonic properties can alleviate its symptoms, including inflammation and pain. 

When used as a gargle, salt water will draw liquids to the surface of the larynx, along with bacteria and viruses that cause the infection. As a result, the voice box and surrounding areas will be free from disease-causing microorganisms. A saltwater gargle also coats the surface of the larynx with moisture, thus helping soothe irritation. However, too little salt or too much water will render the solution ineffective.

To prepare a saltwater gargle, mix a quarter teaspoon of salt in half a cup of warm water to create a hypertonic solution. The water must be warm as the temperature will help dissolve the salt quickly, improve circulation in the throat, and aid in immune system function resulting in speedy healing and recovery. Individuals with laryngitis can use any salt to prepare a saltwater gargle, but smaller salt granules are ideal as they dissolve more easily.

When using salt water gargle to alleviate the symptoms of laryngitis, it is imperative to perform it twice to ensure optimal hydration levels.