15 Best Home Remedies For Jock Itch (List)

Keeping the Affected Area Dry

One of the reasons why fungal infections appear in the first place is the humid and moist nature of the groin and inner thighs, especially after exercise or bathing. As such, an effective way to help the healing process of those suffering from jock itch is to keep the affected area dry whenever possible. Exercise is typically the most significant culprit, but having a jock itch doesn’t mean you need to cut off exercise until it’s healed (though it’s also effective). You can instead work toward keeping it dry by cleaning yourself up after an exercise routine and patting the area dry as much as possible. That way, the infection cannot spread, and the fungi can’t thrive due to the general lack of moisture.

However, too much moisture can cause cracks in the skin if it’s too dry. So it’s all about maintaining a careful balance between moisture and dryness to help ensure your jock itch heals as soon as possible. While fungal infections can take some time to clear up, keeping the affected area dry is effective.