10 Best Home Remedies To Treat Heat Rash Naturally

Take a Shower

As mentioned above, cooling the body is the best way to eliminate heat rash. Applying a cold compress is proven effective for mild and isolated cases of heat rash or if the rashes are concentrated in a specific part of the body. However, if the rashes spread to nearby tissues and body parts, a cold compress won’t suffice. In these cases, a cold or warm bath can be more helpful.

Several studies have dwelled on the benefits of taking a cold shower as a remedy for heat rash. A cold shower is a fast way to reduce the skin’s temperature. This can help the skin overcome the sensation or temptation to scratch. Furthermore, contact with cold water can help improve blood circulation, helping the skin unclog its sweat ducts. Finally, the coldness of the water can have a numbing effect on the areas with heat rash, decreasing the inflammation and irritation.

This may be a surprise, but a hot shower is also effective in removing heat rash. It has the opposite effect with cold water; instead of numbing the skin, a hot shower can stimulate the nerves on the skin. The stimulation is similar to how scratching feels, tricking the brain and providing instant relief.