15 Best Home Remedies To Treat Dry Scalp Naturally

Light Therapy

The interesting thing about light therapy is that while it counts as a form of treatment rather than a home remedy, the methods used to treat a dry scalp are unorthodox enough to count it as something of a home remedy. Also known as phototherapy, light therapy exposes the irritated skin to ultraviolet light, which results in lessening symptoms. It will likely take a few sessions to ensure the dry scalp is healed, but it’s well worth the effort. Typically, those who would go for home remedies would prefer not to deal with the harsher treatments that come with medication. In the case of light therapy, the treatment can be very gentle, which is why it is an effective home remedy. It’s an excellent alternative if you prefer not to deal with strong medication.

Fascinatingly enough, light therapy can also stimulate hair growth and potentially deal with thinning spots on the head. That said, if you’re suffering from male pattern baldness, it will likely only have minimal effect. Nevertheless, light therapy is an excellent means of alternative treatment that works to heal the body without strong medications.