13 Home Remedies For Dandruff: The Natural Treatment List

Orange Peel

The humble orange can also be an excellent dandruff treatment. While eating the fruit does not help with dandruff, the peels can be helpful. However, it takes a bit of effort to make it usable. It is because the peels need to be converted to a functional form. The first step is to take the peels and squeeze some lemon juice onto them. It will add a bit more citric acid to the mix. Next, the mixture needs grinding to a fine paste. A blender is a good tool for this, and the resulting paste will have a good consistency.

With the paste done, the application requires a person to massage it into their hair and leave it there for 30 minutes. A final rinse will remove all the paste from the hair. The primary purpose of orange paste is for healthier skin and scalp. Some individuals apply it to their faces for exfoliation and to give them renewed health. For the scalp, it is not exfoliation but more like cleansing along with an infusion of the various vitamins and minerals in the paste.