14 Natural Ways To Treat Cellulitis At Home

Elevating the Affected Area

Those with cellulitis affecting their extremities, such as the arms and legs, have one easy trick they can try for free without cost, tools, or complex procedures. This is the simple raising of the affected body part above the heart level.

For example, if cellulitis is on the legs, it would help if the legs are raised while sleeping by putting a pillow under them. However, it is not possible to raise a body part all the time, so this technique is usually only doable when resting or sleeping.

Raising the affected area above the heart works because it reduces blood pressure in the raised body part, thereby reducing swelling and pain. Swelling usually happens because of the increased movement of bodily fluids and white blood cells into the affected area. Pain and inflammation are alleviated by reducing fluid circulation and blood pressure.

This pain and swelling mitigation strategy does not work for everyone, though. The relief it provides is temporary, and it does not facilitate healing. It also does not address the core cause of the problem, particularly the bacterial infection.