14 Recommended Treatments for Hepatitis C: List


Zepatier is an FDA-approved prescription drug for treating chronic liver infections caused by specific types of HCV; specifically, genotype strains one and four. The medication contains two main active ingredients, grazoprevir, and elbasvir, and belongs to the DAA or direct-acting antiviral drug class. Like ribavirin, it treats the condition by stopping the spread and growth of the virus in the body. The drug generally comes in tablet form to be orally taken once a day. 

Taking the medication may result in adverse reactions in some people, from mild side effects like insomnia, rashes, breathlessness, and headaches to more severe ones like allergic reactions and a liver enzyme increase. There are even cases wherein the drug has reactivated hepatitis B. Typically, the effects subside after a couple of days. However, if they increase in severity, it’s vital to get in touch with your doctor immediately to prevent more serious problems from arising. 

The prescribed dosage is based on several factors, like the strain or genotype of the HCV, the condition’s resistance to medication, and whether or not previous treatment options were done. These factors will determine whether additional drugs are recommended.