15 Symptoms Of Hepatitis B (Early Warning Signs)

Aches and Pains

Joint pain and muscle pain are also common symptoms of Hepatitis B. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases says that these symptoms can appear before or after a person develops the liver damage associated with Hepatitis B. Joints in a patient’s arms, legs, and back may feel sore when he moves them.

Muscle aches are another common symptom of Hepatitis B. For example, a patient may get a sharp pain in their shoulders or back when they raise their arms or reach for something on a shelf above eye level.

As mentioned above, fatigue is another common symptom of Hepatitis B and is usually linked to varying aches and pains in the patient’s body. Energy levels may fluctuate throughout the day, and they may not feel like doing anything but resting.

In the context of Hepatitis B, energy loss is usually a sign that the virus has damaged the liver. Since it is a vital organ that helps the body digest food and eliminates toxic substances, it can no longer perform these critical functions properly if it becomes damaged or inflamed, as it does with a Hepatitis B infection.