The 12 Health Symptoms Of Heart Attack You Should Be Aware Of

Discomfort in the Upper Body

A patient might experience the effects of a heart attack, not just in the heart but most of the upper body parts. 

The jaws, teeth, and neck are often the first places where the effects of a heart attack are experienced. But, according to Dr. Steven Bender, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Dentistry, it is not limited to the mouth’s left side but also affects the right side, especially in women. In addition, because of the subtleness of these symptoms, a heart attack isn’t often immediately suspected when it occurs intermittently.

However, a heart attack causes distinct head, neck, and jaw discomfort, often mistaken for joint disorders. The difference is that the TMJ generally worsens with yawning or eating, and patients can usually pinpoint the specific location of the discomfort.

On the other hand, intractable pain in the chest that spreads to the jaw, back, neck, or arms might indicate heart trouble. For instance, you may be experiencing pain yet be unable to pinpoint its origin to a single muscle or joint. In addition, the Cleveland Clinic reports that the lower left side of the jaw is the most common location for jaw discomfort in female patients.