Goldenrod Essential Oil

Goldenrod is a plant that can be found in various parts of North America. It can also be found in some countries in Europe. It is basically a Canadian plant and is popular in the country for making essential oils that you can easily buy commercially. The essential oil has properties that are quite similar with a lot of other herbs. It can provide health benefits. It also has the ability to fight bacteria, fungi and certain viruses.

The colonists love using the flower as tea. In fact, it was named the Liberty Tea. It was also used in the past for its health benefits. Some people even believe that it also has the ability to increase one’s libido and improve performance in bed. There are also those who believe that it has spiritual benefits. It allows people to survive their sexual instincts and help people forgive themselves from wrongdoing.

Historically, goldenrod was used for bacterial inflammation treatment. There were also discoveries in which Native Americans used the plan for treating common issues like toothache and sore throat. They chewed on the leaves and roots to strengthen the roots of the teeth. However, it is the flower of this plan that is steam distilled and used for the production of essential oil. The flower is bright yellow in color and it usually blooms towards the end of summer.

One of the reasons why this essential oil is so popular is because of its relaxing qualities. The aroma is something most people love about it. There are different species of goldenrod and hybrids are also available. There are studies conducted to maximize the potential health benefits that can be obtained out of the plant.

Goldenrod Essential Oil Benefits

Here are the benefits of using Goldenrod Essential Oil:

  • Alleviates bladder and urinary tract infections
  • Treats various respiratory issues
  • Remedy for seasonal allergies and skin irritation
  • Prevents arthritis from getting worse
  • Treats fungal infections
  • Hastens the healing process of wounds
  • Makes people calm down and get stress relief
  • Ease toothache and other dental problems

Goldenrod Essential Oil Uses

  1. Goldenrod Essential Oil as Diuretic. It increases the production of urine which helps flash the toxins out of the body. It is perfect for people who are suffering from kidney infections and other related problems.
  2. Goldenrod Essential Oil as Treatment for Skin Infection. It can be applied to the skin for treating eczema and acne. It may be mixed with coconut oil for maximum effects.
  3. Goldenrod Essential Oil as Nasal Blockage Removal. For people with sensitive nasal problems and difficulty of breathing, this essential oil could be of help. It can even treat more serious problems like bronchitis.
  4. Goldenrod Essential Oil as Remedy to Allergies. If you keep on sneezing, have runny nose and moist eyes, you might be suffering from allergies. This is the best treatment for such problem as it hastens recovery.
  5. Goldenrod Essential Oil for Oral Hygiene. It helps kill oral infections and related problems. It also smells good so it is perfect for people with bad breath.
  6. Goldenrod Essential Oil as Treatment for Minor Wounds. It has properties for treating minor wounds and even insect bites. Just don’t place it on the wound while it is still fresh.
  7. Goldenrod Essential Oil as Stress Reliever. Its smell is so great and it has the ability to calm people down especially if they are going through a difficult time in their lives.
  8. Goldenrod Essential Oil as Remedy for Blood Circulation Issues. People who have heart related problems may find relief with this essential oil. It also prevents high blood pressure from getting worse.

Goldenrod Essential Oil Side Effects

  • Skin irritation. There is a possibility of experiencing skin irritation. Therefore, it is advised to not use this when suffering from irritation after applying in a small portion of the skin.
  • Eye irritation. You are advised not to use near the eyes and other mucus membranes.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women. Although it is considered nontoxic and it does nothing to alter the hormones, it is advised for pregnant women to consult with the doctor first to prevent potential problems.

How to Use Goldenrod Essential Oil

You can use the essential oil using these methods:

  1. Aromatherapy. Diffuse the essential oil first for up to 30 minutes before using. It can be used at most 3 times a day and may also be blended with other scents for improved smell.
  2. Topical. You have to dilute 1 drop of this essential oil by mixing it with 1 drop of olive oil. Apply it to the affected portion of the skin.

How to Make Goldenrod Essential Oil

To make Goldenrod Essential Oil via infusion, just fill a jar with dried goldenrod flowers and mix it with other essential oils like sunflower or olive until the jar is full. There are 3 ways to infuse. The slow way is to cap the jar and place it inside the cabinet for 4-6 weeks before straining. The solar way is another possibility and it is where you cap the jar but cover it only with cheesecloth. The fastest way is by placing it on a small saucepan.

Goldenrod Essential Oil Recipe

You can use this essential oil for massaging your body. In order to maximize its effects, use it with other base oil such as coconut, jojoba, avocado oil or sweet almond. Apply it directly to the affected muscles and joints. Even if you are not suffering from any of these problems, just apply it on your skin and you will feel a more relaxing effect. Store the recipe on a bottle that you can use next time. You can also use a spray bottle for easier use.

Where to Buy Goldenrod Essential Oil

Young Living provides this type of essential oil and you can easily buy it online. If you prefer to look for it in local shops, it is also possible as it is a popular type of essential oil.

More Information on Goldenrod Essential Oil

  • Aside from being used for its essential oil, goldenrod was also used in producing rubber. It was cultivated by no other than Sir Thomas Edison. He was able to create tires made from goldenrod and gave it to Henry Ford.
  • During the Boston tea party in the past, this flower was thrown into the Boston harbor as a tradition.
  • The flower and leaves may also be made as tea. According to American colonist, it helped a lot in improving their health.
  • There are over 130 species of goldenrod and only a few of them can be used for essential oil extraction.
  • Some people have tried using it for improving their libido and overall sexual performance.
  • This is a nontoxic essential oil. Therefore, it can be ingested in small quantities. However, it is suggested not to do unless you get permission from your doctor.