Galbanum Essential Oil

You might not have heard of Galbanum before, but it has been used since the ancient Roman and Greek times. It was burnt and mixed with bath water. It was used for treating skin conditions and even as a perfume. The Egyptians also made use of it as cosmetics during their time while the others used it for embalming. It has a woody aroma that provides pleasure and calmness to both the body and soul. It is native to Iran and nearby countries. It can also be found in Europe and Africa.

The soft variety of the galbanum is the one used for creating the essential oil and not the one that originated in Iran. This is due to the amount of oil that can be extracted on the soft type during the process. The scent is not really that appealing considering that it resembles that of bell peppers. It is yellow in color and has a thick consistency. It is improved when blended with other scents. It is also known for treating various medical conditions.

This essential oil is like a milky gum when extracted. It is obtained from a plant that produces an umbrella flower. Its stalk can grow up to 2 meters. It is mostly used as a medicine but is also an essential part of Indian cooking.

The Hebrews used it for various religious ceremonies. It was eventually developed and turned into a drug for treating various illnesses. The aromatic smell is what most people love, but it can also be a bit strong compared with the usual earthy scent. There are great components in the essential oil that make it more effective in treating health problems.

Galbanum Essential Oil Benefits

Here are the benefits you will get if you decide to use this essential oil now:

  • Improve blood circulation in the body
  • Relieves the person from arthritis and other joint pains
  • Decongests the nasal passages and helps treat other respiratory conditions
  • Accelerate the growth of new cells and repair of old cells
  • Helps people recover from shock, depression and trauma
  • Solves skin inflammation, irritation and allergies
  • Delays the signs of menopause
  • Improves overall mood
  • Removes wrinkles and other signs of aging

Galbanum Essential Oil Uses

  1. Galbanum Essential Oil as Remedy Against Arthritis. This essential oil has components that can help fight arthritis and other bone problems. It is perfect for older people who are suffering from signs of aging.
  2. Galbanum Essential Oil as Detoxifier. Excess salt, fat, urine and other bodily waste can be removed with the help of this essential oil.
  3. Galbanum Essential Oil as Treatment for Acne. Pimples, acne, and scars are just some of the pressing skin conditions that can be treated with the help of this essential oil. Once applied, the areas start to look fresh and blemish free.
  4. Galbanum Essential Oil as Decongestant. It is perfect for solving respiratory issues such as bronchitis and tuberculosis. It helps decongest blocked nasal passages for better breathing.
  5. Galbanum Essential Oil as Anti-aging agent. Once constantly applied to the skin, you will start looking young. It has the ability to remove wrinkles and other skin issues.
  6. Galbanum Essential Oil as Insecticide. Technically, this is not a direct health benefit, but insects can bring diseases. When your house is free from insects, you will be safer and healthier.
  7. Galbanum Essential Oil as Anti-parasitic. It has the ability to get rid of parasites in the body such as ticks, lice, fleas and bugs.
  8. Galbanum Essential Oil as Treatment for Wounds. It promotes the crowding of leucocytes and platelets for faster healing of wounds. It also prevents bacteria from growing in the infected area.

Galbanum Side Effects

  • Pregnant women: It is highly recommended for expecting mothers not to use this essential oil especially in higher dosage due to potential complications.
  • Allergic reaction. It is possible for some people to suffer from allergic reactions when using it. Therefore, it is highly advised to test it on the skin first for possible problems. If you suffer from irritation, you have to stop using it.

How to Use Galbanum Essential Oil

Here are two best ways to use this essential oil:

  1. Aromatherapy. You may use a diffuser in order to smell its lovely scent or you can also inhale it directly. Just be careful not to place it really close to your nose and eyes. You may also blend it with lavender and rosemary for improved smell.
  2. Topical. It is suggested to use only 2 drops of the oil at a time when applied to the skin to prevent potential problems. It is non-toxic though so you really don’t need to worry much.

How to Make Galbanum Essential Oil

The oil is extracted via distillation. It is taken from the resin plant. The soft variety is used as it has the ability to squeeze out more oil. The extract is milky in nature. It is also collected at the base of the stem. You may store the collected oil in a bottle at a room temperature.

Galbanum Essential Oil Recipe

To improve the scent and effectiveness of this essential oil, you may mix it with other scents. You can place 5ml of wheat germ and almond oil with 5 drops of galbanum essential oil. Mix well until thoroughly blended. The finished product must be applied 4-6 times each day with only a few drops each time. It is also recommended to cover the area that had the essential oil with a piece of gauze to ensure its maximum effect.

Where to Buy Galbanum Essential Oil

Although available in local shops, it is easier to buy it online. Aroma Web and Gritman are among the best sites where you can order this essential oil.

More Information on Galbanum Essential Oil

  • Galbanum also has the ability to cure sores, both internally and externally.
  • Carrot seed, lavender and geranium are the best blends that can be used with galbanum if you want to improve its scent.
  • It is advised not to use it with heavy dosages to avoid potential problems.
  • Even insect and snake bites can be treated with this essential oil as long as it is applied directly to the affected area constantly.
  • Galbanum oil is FDA approved. It is deemed safe as flavoring agent and as an additive.
  • Aside from its health benefits, galbanum oil is also widely used in food products like beverages, meat products, snack foods, and baked goods.
  • The oil was also used for embalming by ancient Egyptians, but there are still people using it for the same purpose until now.
  • Although the scent is not that strong and it is not deemed toxic, it is better to not ingest the oil. If you want, you have to limit it to a few drops. You should also not use it close to the eyes to avoid potential irritation.