Galangal Essential Oil

Galangal is also known as Chinese ginger and is effective in fighting various illnesses. It has been used since ancient times and is still one of the most popular herbs until now. In fact, the Galangal essential oil is growing to be one of the most popular essential oils in the world today. Usually a sexual stimulant, galangal has been deemed effective in solving sex related issues.

Back when galangal was first used as an herbal medicine, people thought of it as the European magic. Aside from the common illnesses that it can treat, it was also believed to be effective in strengthening psychic powers. Obviously, this is untrue. However, some people felt this way because they were cured from their illnesses after using the herb.

There were also those who have lost their desire for sex or have faced erectile dysfunction. However, after using galangal as a sexual stimulant, their lives have totally changed. There is no wonder why it was branded as the European magic. Over time, this herb was studied further and more benefits have been revealed. It is somewhat similar to ginger essential oil, but it also provides unique benefits.

Galangal is used as an ingredient in various Asian cuisines. Specifically, it is used in China and Indonesia. It resembles ginger and it also has similar taste. Although it is deemed to be of Chinese origin, its roots can be traced to Europe. It was used during the time of the crusades and has also appeared in one of the recipe books written by Richard II’s cooks in 1390. The essential oil is considered a sexual stimulant and is also thought of as a “European magic” considering the fact that it can solve even the most serious sexual issues.

Galangal Essential Oil Benefits

You can get these benefits if you use the Galangal essential oil:

  • Treat fatigue and anxiety
  • Provides assistance towards better blood circulation
  • Cures indigestion and cholera
  • Solves various skin problems
  • Treat flatulence, nausea, motion sickness and even hangover
  • Improves mood
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Increase sexual desires and solve sex-related problems
  • Helps improve quality of sleep

Galangal Essential Oil Uses

  1. Galangal Essential Oil as Aid in Digestion. People suffering from various digestive issues can find relief with this essential oil. It can treat loss bowel movement, gastritis, acid reflux, and vomiting.
  2. Galangal Essential Oil as Treatment Against Major Viruses. Studies have shown that galangal has inhibitory effects on serious viruses that have threatened the world like anthrax. Common viruses like streptococcus and staphylococcus can also be killed with the help of this essential oil.
  3. Galangal Essential Oil as Aid in Stopping Vomiting. Whether you are suffering from morning sickness due to pregnancy or motion sickness because of long distance trips, you can simply smell this essential oil via inhalers and you will feel better.
  4. Galangal Essential Oil as Pain Reliever. In the Middle East, there is a tradition of using this essential oil to fight arthritis and muscle pains.
  5. Galangal Essential Oil as Sexual Stimulant. In the past, galangal was really popular as it was known to treat sex related problems including lack of libido, erectile dysfunction and poor sexual performance. Until now, it is still effective in treating these issues.
  6. Galangal Essential Oil as Mood Enhancer. The essentia­­­l oil has calming effects. It means that when you are stressed out or you are in a bad mood, you will start feeling better.
  7. Galangal Essential Oil as a Cure for Insomnia. If you have a hard time sleeping or you don’t have quality sleep, you need to use this essential oil. You can sleep faster and longer.

Galangal Essential Oil Side Effects

  • Children: It is highly advised not to let children take this essential oil whether on the skin or through ingestion just to be safe.
  • Pregnancy risk: Pregnant women are also not supposed to use the essential oil as they are more sensitive. However, it can be used in small doses to fight morning sickness.
  • Possible skin irritation: It is recommended to apply it on certain portions of the skin first before using in full to avoid possible allergies.
  • Ulcer. People who suffer from ulcer must avoid using this essential oil as it induces the secretion of gastric acid.

How to Use Galangal Essential Oil

There are different ways to use Galangal Essential Oil and make the most out of it. Here are some of them:

  1. Aromatherapy. It can be used using a vaporizer or oil diffuser. It has a relaxing effect and is perfect for people who are stressed out. It has a spicy and woody scent that might seem weird for some people. Hence, it is best when used with other scents or essential oils.
  2. Topical. The oil can be used for the skin with gentle massage. It may also be mixed with your bath water. Just apply to the affected areas first.

How to Make Galangal Essential Oil

Once the oil is extracted from the herb, it can be used in many ways. People use it mostly as vaporizer and diffusor. It can also be used as mist spray or perfume. It is easy to use the oil directly to the skin or it can be blended with other ingredients to improve its smell.

Galangal Essential Oil Recipe

If you want to create your own galangal essential oil recipe at home, make sure that you partner it with other essential oils to improve its scent. You can try ingesting it but you only need a few drops mixed with boiling water. You should also drink a maximum of 3 cups each day at least half an hour before meals. Take note that it may induce gastric acid secretion so you can’t let your stomach go empty for a long time. Black pepper, cedar wood, frankincense and lemon are the scents it can blend well with.

Where to Buy Galangal Essential Oil

You can easily buy this online. It comes in a bottle of essential oil. You can check out Abbey Essential Oils and Gritman Essential Oils.

More Information on Galangal Essential Oil

  • It is mixed with other scents or essential oil to make it taste better or smell better just in case you are not a fan of its woody and bitter taste.
  • Despite its strong smell, it is still used in many soaps and cosmetic products. It is mostly because of the benefits that come with it especially in regards to skin protection.
  • Galangal capsules as food supplement are also available. Check with your doctor if you can use it internally.
  • Although it originated in Europe and became popular in China, you can find more of this herb now in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.
  • You might mistake galangal for ginger at first look because the two are actually closely related. You may use ginger essential oil as alternative if you want to get the same benefit as galangal essential oil.
  • The essential oil has cooling effects on the body. However, it is advised not to use closely to the eyes to avoid irritation.
  • After using the oil on the skin and irritation takes place, it must be stopped right away.