Foods High in Vitamin D3: Time to Eat More!

Vitamin D is a group of compounds known as secosteroids. These compounds are fat-soluble and responsible for maximizing the intestinal absorption of essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium and phosphate as well as other beneficial health effects like reduction of the risk of colon cancer. Vitamin D includes Vitamin D2 and D3 and is present naturally in some foods. It is usually spiked, fortified, or added to other foods and is endogenously produced by the sun’s UV light when these rays strike the skin starting the synthesis of this vitamin.

1. Mackerel

If you love eating fish, then you will love to know that the raw Atlantic Mackerel contains 360 IU of vitamin D or equivalent to 90% DV per serving of 100 g. Some species of mackerel contains minute amount of this vitamin, but it is the Atlantic mackerel species that you have to consume to get the most of this vitamin. This fish species also contain good amount of protein, choline and Vitamin A. However, it is best to enjoy this raw because once you cooked the fish, the vitamin D content will be reduced significantly. Therefore, try Atlantic mackerel sashimi or sushi!