Top 10 Foods High in Vitamin D That are Deliciously Healthy

2. Salmon

For fish and sushi lovers out there, salmon is already a well-known element of many cuisines. It is also a great source of vitamin D with 3 oz giving you 400 IU, which is all of your daily recommended value! While being a bit pricey, salmon makes a great protein source for those who are on a diet and makes a tasty replacement to fattier types of meat like pork.

3. Canned Tuna

For those on a budget, canned tuna is also a good source of vitamin D. They also have a long shelf life although be wary of eating too much in a week because of the preservatives. With 154 IU of vitamin D per 3 oz, canned tuna is also a great healthy snack with crackers or vegetables. They are also easy to add to numerous sandwiches and pasta recipes.