Top 12 Foods High in Vitamin B9 that Helps Fight Folate Deficiency

Vitamin B9, commonly known as folate or folic acid is a water-soluble B-vitamin. Folic acid is the synthetic form added in supplements and fortified foods. The natural form, folate is better for absorption. This B-vitamin is vital for cell division and growth and also for DNA repair and synthesis. Deficiency may lead to slow development in children and anemia in adults. These foods high in vitamin B9 will help you reach the recommended daily value of 400 micrograms.

1. Garbanzo Beans

Half a cup of garbanzo beans or chickpeas can supply the entire vitamin B9 you need in a day. Aside from folate, this type of legume also provides dietary fiber, protein, manganese, copper, phosphorus, iron and zinc. It can help control blood sugar and increase satiety, helping you lose weight.