10 Foods High in Vitamin B3 You Need to Incorporate in Your Diet to Sustain a Healthier Body

4. Mushroom

Mushrooms are good protein substitute. Furthermore, they taste really good, and they add a unique earthy flavor in every dish.  Aside from the great taste of mushrooms, you can also get tons of nutrients from eating one serving of this delectable food. One is niacin. Among the different types of mushrooms, portabella contains the highest amount of niacin, which is 6.3 mg for every 100 grams.

5. Peanuts

Peanuts are among the most popular legume. Roasted peanuts are usually eaten as snacks. In general, legumes are a good source of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. But apart from minerals, you can also benefit from its high amount of niacin. For every 100 mg of peanuts, you can get around 14 mg of Vitamin B3.