Take These 10 Foods High in Vitamin B2 for Better Energy

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin that is part of the vitamin B complex. It boosts the level of energy in the system giving you the endurance and stamina to do more. This vitamin also ensures that other B vitamins function well in turning foods into energy. If you are low in energy or you are suffering from riboflavin deficiency, it is recommended that you take foods that are high in energy.

The percent daily value or DV of vitamin B2 is 1.7 mg. Women have a recommended dietary allowance of 1.1 mg of vitamin B2 per day, while men have a recommended dietary allowance of 1.2 mg per day. Overdose of vitamin B2 is unlikely to happen because the excess riboflavin in the body is eliminated through urination. Here are some of the vitamin B2-rich foods to consume.

1. Eggs

One egg or 50 grams of egg contains 0.26 mg of vitamin B2, which is 15% DV. This is specifically for hard boiled eggs. The amount of riboflavin varies depending on the preparation or method of cooking of the egg. One piece of raw, scrambled, or fried egg contains about 13% DV of vitamin B2, while a poached egg contains 11% DV.