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10 Foods High in Vitamin B12 to Help Rid of That Weak and Tired Feeling

Foods Rich in Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 also known as Cobalamin is one of the eight B Vitamins. Vitamin B12 is very essential in getting the brain and nerves to function correctly. Consuming foods high in Vitamin B12 also helps in proper formation of red blood cells. It is water-soluble and one of the most complex vitamins that the body needs because aside from its function for the nervous system, it helps synthesize and normalize DNA. Vitamin B12 also aids in the metabolism of every cell in the body and helps in releasing of energy by absorbing folic acid. Not having enough Vitamin B12, you may feel week, tired or irritable.

The following foods are high in Vitamin B12:

1. Clams

Clams are excellent sources of B Vitamins and if you are Vitamin B12-deficient, it is always advised to eat more clams because they contain high levels of Vitamin B12. Among the other shellfish, clams provide the most Vitamin B12 because only 3 ounces of cooked clams supplies 84,100 mcg, which is 1,401% the required daily intake of Vitamin B12. This can help boost your energy as well!

2. Salmon

Salmon fish is known as one of the healthiest foods because it contains various vitamins and minerals particularly omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is also a great source of Vitamin B12 because a 3-oz portion of cooked salmon (baked or steamed) contains 4.9 mcg, which can exceed the normal recommended daily intake for Vitamin B12.

3. Shrimps

Vitamin B12 is most commonly found in seafoods and shrimps boast a high level of this essential vitamins. 100 grams of cooked shrimps contain 2 mcg of Vitamin B12 which can give you 80% of the recommended daily allowance. Make sure that before eating these sumptuous shrimps, you should be aware if your are allergic to it. It may also shoot up your blood pressure level.

4. Crabs

Crabs supply various benefits to our body and they also contain exceptional levels of Vitamin B12. There are different types of crabs but the most prominent are Alaska King Crab and the Blue Crab where you can get 9.7 micrograms and 6.2 micrograms of Vitamin B12 from these crustaceans, respectively. This can increase energy levels as well.

5. Beef Liver

The number one benefit of eating beef liver is that it is a major source of Vitamin B12 and it can fight Vitamin B12 deficiency as well. Just eating beef liver 2 to 3 times a week can help boost Vitamin B12 in your body. 3.5 ounces of beef liver can give you 70 mg of vitamin B12, which is 1,178% of the recommended daily intake.

6. Red Meat

Red meat (beef, pork and lamb) are prominent sources of vitamin B12. They are important in maintaining a healthy blood stream and when consumed, can give you energy that can last you through the day. Red meat should be eaten in appropriate amounts and in moderation. For every 100 grams of cooked lamb and beef you get 3 mcg of Vitamin B12 and 1 mcg of Vitamin B12 for 100 grams of pork.

7. Chicken

Chicken has a lot of benefit for the body because it is high in protein and it is rich in Vitamin B12 especially when eaten with its skin. This is good news for people who do not consume red meat because chicken can be a healthy alternative. Chicken breast with skin contains 0.31 mcg.

8. Eggs

There are people who do not eat red meat, seafood and are purely vegetarian. Egg is a good source of Vitamin B12 for vegan people and it can help in coping up with the Vitamin B12 that they can’t get from meat and seafood. A large egg can give you 18% of Vitamin B12 requirement for the day because it contains 0.44 mcg. Most of the Vitamin B12 is found in the yolk.

9. Milk

Another good option of vegetarians in getting their daily Vitamin B12 is milk. This is an excellent source of Vitamin B12 because one serving or 250 ml provides 50% of the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin B12. People who are known to intake milk daily are less prone to Vitamin B12 deficiency.

10. Swiss Cheese

Although cheeses are known as sources of fats, they are also a major source of essential Vitamin B12 especially to people who are strictly vegetarian. Swiss cheese has the highest Vitamin B12 composition among the other cheeses. A serving of Swiss cheese can provide 39% of the daily allowance of Vitamin B12 because it contains 0.95 micrograms.

Something to take away:

Vitamin B12 is commonly found in meat, seafood and poultry so people who are vegetarians are  more prone to being Vitamin B12 deficient. Deficiency symptoms may include being tired easily, anemia, reduced brain function as well as depression and anxiety attacks. The intestines can help in producing these vitamins but consuming foods high in Vitamin B12 are important to maintain a healthy brain, nerve and total body function. This can also help in preventing more serious Alzheimer’s disease.

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