15 Foods High In Quercetin (Eat Daily)

They say that you are what you eat. While the truth is quite a bit more complicated than that, you can certainly seek to improve your body based on what you eat. The surprising thing is how many tweaks you can make to perfect your diet. While it might take some time to figure out, seeking the optimal diet based on preferences and overall health is a crucial aspect on the road to fitness.

In this list, we’ll be tackling the foods you’ll want to add to your diet if you’re looking to improve the body through flavonoids. They’re compounds found naturally in many different foods, including fruits and vegetables. The interesting thing about flavonoids is there are various ways they can aid the body, and there are many subtypes, though we’ll be tackling the foods high in quercetin.

The primary benefits of quercetin include benefits against heart disease and cancer. As a flavonoid, quercetin-rich foods will also contain plenty of antioxidants, which can help prevent specific chemicals from damaging the body. If you want to ensure that you get enough quercetin in your system through flavonoid-rich foods, here are a few benefits.


Organic Pickled Canned Capers in a Bowl

As a food source, capers are naturally rich in nutrients and are the immature flower buds of Capparis spinosa. Capers are commonly salted and pickled, which is then used as a form of garnish for various dishes to help with appetite. As far as sources of quercetin go, capers are considered the most concentrated form of quercetin, making it one of the very best sources of quercetin you can find. As capers are very rich in flavonoids, it’s also abundant in antioxidants, which can help fight various chemicals and keep them from damaging the body.

Antioxidants can also help with inflammation, allowing the body to heal naturally without things getting worse. The anti-inflammatory properties of capers can also help prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease and even diabetes due to its ability to regulate blood sugar.

Despite capers being salted and pickled before being used as a garnish, it doesn’t take away from its health benefits. The quercetin concentration is highest with capers, making it the obvious choice for anyone looking to add more quercetin and other flavonoids to their diet. The fact that it’s loaded with other nutrients is further reason to choose capers.