12 Foods High in Protein to Keep You Healthy and Strong

Protein is a muscle-building nutrient that can be found in many types of foods. This is the reason why people who want to develop their muscles are obsessed about protein-rich foods and drinks. They even take food supplements to speed up their muscle development. Protein also accelerates metabolism as well as prevents hunger pangs from tempting you to reach into the fridge for a midnight snack. The average daily protein intake should be .36 g per pound of body weight. For those who are keen on building muscles, they need 1 g of protein for every pound of their body weight. Check out these foods high in protein and start building those muscles.

1. Lean Meat

For every 100 g of lean meat, your body gets 26 g of protein. That’s a substantial amount to consume and add to that other protein-packed foods and you’re ready to go. Lean meats can be made into different succulent dishes such as stews, barbecues and many more.