15 Foods High In Nitric Oxide That’ll Boost Your Levels

When it comes to the human body, how you grow depends on what you eat. Naturally, unhealthy eating can lead to potentially debilitating conditions further down the line, but the human body is known for bouncing back. All you have to do is consider healthier eating and potentially develop a diet that can help you on the road to fitness. You can make the most out of your meals easily, provided you’re willing to go through the effort.

One fascinating thing about healthy eating is looking into the different ways certain foods affect your body. In this list, we’ll be tackling foods high in nitric oxide. The body produces nitric oxide naturally, and is said to be the key to healthy circulation. With nitric oxide, your body responds to exercise much better, and the molecule serves to regulate blood pressure, resulting in a healthier body and mind.

While the body does produce nitric oxide naturally, there are quite a few foods out there you can eat that can help increase overall nitric oxide levels. The good news is many of the foods containing nitric oxide are also quite healthy in general, allowing you to benefit as much as possible from tweaking your diet for the sake of nitric oxide.


Beets have been a popular food staple for a very long time — even during the time of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Most people know beets for their vibrant red pigment, but people have been growing beets in a variety of colors these days. As far as the nitric oxide content, the leaves and the root of beets is jam packed with various minerals including nitrates. Nitric oxide helps regular blood pressure and can help ensure your body responds well to exercise and various strenuous activities.

One of the reasons why beets are considered a health staple is due to its various plant compounds that can help the body in a wide variety of ways. As they are particularly high in fiber, beets can help with gut health, and they also come with good bacteria to help maintain a healthy overall GI system. Beets are also well-known for having a deliciously earthy taste, making it a mainstay in various stews and breakfast dishes.

Overall, beets are a health staple for a reason, as they come loaded with vitamins and nutrients. They not only have nitrates, but beets are also considered a complete food in a balanced diet.