These 11 Foods High in Nitrates are Rich in Other Nutrients as Well

Nitric oxide helps in dilating blood vessels in order to expand your arteries and remove blockage. It means that you will have improved blood flow. High levels of nitrate in your blood have a lot of benefits especially for men. To begin with, testosterone production will be boosted. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction may also find relief with foods high in nitrates. Take note that proper blood flow is equal to better erectile health. Here are some of the best options when it comes to nitrate food sources.

1. Argula Lettuce

You might not know this, but this vegetable is perhaps the richest in terms of nitrate content in the entire world. It has a strong and pungent taste though. Usually, bitter-tasting foods are filled with nutrients. If you could not stand the taste, mix it with salads. You may also throw it in a blender and mix it with water. You can add natural sweeteners so you retain the nutrients but the taste has improved. This vegetable has 480 mg per 100 grams which is almost close to what you need each day.