These 10 Foods High in Niacin are Surprisingly Good!

2. Tuna

The good thing about consuming tuna is that it is not just high in niacin, but also other nutrients like protein and omega 3. In some places, there are concerns about mercury content in tuna. Therefore, it is best to not consume it often. You should also be careful of where you source it out. Just take note that for every 100 grams of tuna, you get 5.8 mg of niacin.

3. Mushrooms

There are several reasons for eating mushrooms. One of them is their niacin content. With 100 grams of mushrooms consumed, you will get 5 mg of niacin. They are also low in calories. Mushrooms are also known for their anti-cancer properties. Shitake mushrooms are popular in Japan for this reason. There are a lot of ways to cook mushrooms. They can also be mixed with a host of other dishes.