10 Foods High in Leptin That Aid in Weight Loss

Leptin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. It regulates metabolism and sends signal to the brain when the body is full. Low level of leptin may cause malnourishment. Too much of these hormones on the other hand may cause obesity as the excess leptins could block the signal that tells the brain when to stop eating.

Leptins from foods cannot be digested by the system so you cannot get added leptins from eating certain foods. However, there are foods high in leptin that can increase the level of leptin sensitivity in the body. This in turn allows leptin signal to work properly, so your brain will know that you are full. This also helps in boosting the metabolism. Choose foods that are high in good fats and contain fiber as they can improve your leptin sensitivity. This is also true with foods that have anti-inflammatory property. Here are some of them.

1. Tuna 

Every 3-ounces of tuna contain 1,414 milligrams of omega-3 or good fats. This is 35% of DV or percent daily value. It aids in weight loss and in protecting the heart. Tuna also has anti-inflammatory property, which is also beneficial in improving leptin sensitivity. Other health benefits of tuna include cancer prevention, healthier skin, and improved energy.