15 Foods High in Iodine You Should Include in Your Diet

2. Wild Cod

Cod is an excellent source of iodine. 3 ounces of cod fillet has about 99/mcg (66% DV) of the mineral. It also meets the daily requirement of omega-3. Cod is safe to eat and has no toxic metals which are found in some fish. It is also rich in niacin and other B-vitamins.

3. Yogurt

Organic, raw and grass-fed yogurt is a good source of iodine. Yogurt contains this mineral due to iodine added to the animal feeds. 1 cup of yogurt has 75/mcg iodine, or 50% of the recommended minimum daily intake. Choose a cup of plain, low-fat Greek yogurt and you can also get 17 to 18 grams protein for only 120 calories.