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10 Foods High in Gluten You Must Avoid If You Have Celiac Disease

Foods High in Gluten

Gluten is a kind of prolamin, a storage protein found in most grains. A lot of people are sensitive to this protein, especially those who have celiac disease, an autoimmune health problem. The immune system of people with celiac disease attacks gluten, causing severe damage on the lining of the intestines. Gluten is what makes flour sticky and elastic. This protein is probably the most talked about substance because there are so many foods high in gluten, especially the processed ones.

While there are brands that claim their products are gluten-free, it is still recommended to look out for ingredients like Avena sativa, Hydrolysate, Cyclodextrin, Maltodextrin, Phytosphingosine extract, Dextrin, Yeast extract, Hydrolyzed soy protein, and caramel. To give you more idea, we have picked out 10 of the popular products that contain gluten.

1. Wheat

Wheat is the most consumed grain all over the world. A lot of products are derived from this grain such as flour, wheat bread, pastas, noodles and pastries. There are also a plenty food items that are not obvious source of wheat, such as food coloring, vegetable gum, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, glucose syrup and so on.

2. Oats

Unlike other grains, oats do not naturally contain gluten. Instead, it contains another type of prolamine, which is called avenin. However, some oats get contaminated with gluten from the other grain products processed in a factory. There are also some oats that are lightly dusted with flour to prolong its shelf-life. Be careful in buying oats, make sure to read the label carefully.

3. Energy Bar

Energy bars are quite popular snacks as they are delicious and can quickly relieve hunger because of the sugars and fibers found in its different ingredients. Most energy bars are usually made from oats, brown rice syrup, sucralose, fructose and nuts. Brown rice syrup or rice malt syrup contains a high amount of gluten because it is made from rice, malt and barley starch.

4. Barley

Barley is dubbed as a healthy food because it contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals. According to studies it can help decrease blood cholesterol level and lower the risk of developing type II diabetes. However, it also contains gluten, so it would cause hard to people sensitive to this protein. This grain is consumed all around the world because it is used to make several products such as beer, whiskey, fructan, brown rice syrup, and coffee substitutes.

5. Rye

Rye is closely related to wheat and barley. It is a very common crop in Russia and its neighboring countries. In fact, Russia is the largest producer of rye. Most of the time the grains are processed to make flour, bourbon or whiskey. Compared to the rest of the grains, rye contains a lower amount of gluten.

6. Malt

Malt is important in making alcoholic drinks such as beer. The extract is used to germinate the barley grains needed to produce beer. Other than beer it is also used to make malted meatballs, malted barley ovaltine, malt whiskey and malt vinegar. There are also energy drinks and baked products that may contain malt.

7. Semolina

Semolina is derived from the hard covering of durum, a variety of wheat. Semolina is used to make couscous and pasta. According to studies, it is rich in selenium, B vitamins, and iron. While this food product is deemed healthy by many health experts, it contains a lot of gluten.

8. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is made from eggs and emulsifiers and thickeners. Some mayonnaise brands use grain-based vinegars such as white vinegar. Hence, you should look at the label and read if you’re buying mayonnaise. Better yet, you can make your own mayo at home. You only need a couple of ingredients such as egg, white wine vinegar, garlic, olive oil, and mustard seeds.   

9. Ketchup

Flour is used to achieve the right consistency of different condiments. As such, ketchup also contains gluten. While there are a few brands that use natural thickeners for their dips, there are still other companies that use flour. Again, check the label for the ingredients. If you find flour among the list, don’t buy the product.

10. Vodka

There are different kinds of vodka, depending on the base material used to make it. Some manufacturers use potatoes or grapes which are free gluten-free. However, there are companies that use barley, rye and wheat. While experts claim that it is safe to drink alcoholic drinks made from gluten grains, some individuals still experience allergic reactions. Hence, it would be better to read the list of ingredients before you buy a bottle of vodka.

Bottom Line

If you are sensitive to gluten, you should completely avoid the different foods high in gluten listed above. We also suggest reading more about the products derived from barley, wheat and rye.

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