15 Foods High in DHA for Healthy Brain and Heart

2. Chia Seeds

As small as each seed is, it is packed with nutrients. The amount of DHA it has is 2,457 mg for every tablespoon, so the seeds should be taken in moderation in consideration of the DHA daily requirement. Aside from DHA, it is also rich in protein and fiber, among others. Chia seeds are also taken by those who wish to lose weight. They can be mixed in drinks and other foods such as cereals, salads and the like.

3. Salmon

A 3-ounce wild caught salmon contains 1,716 mg of DHA, way less than what its fish oil counterpart contains. It can be fried, grilled, baked or smoked, and it will not affect its DHA content. Other vitamins and minerals essential in overall health are also found in wild caught salmon.