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10 Foods High in Casein That Help Improve Muscle Retention and Get Rid of Fat

Foods High in Casein

In recent times, body builders consume protein powders that contain casein because it maintains muscle mass, helps get rid of excess body fats, and improves colon health. Body builders use this protein to support the body during rigid resistance training. Casein is a type of protein that is commonly found in cow and human breast milk and dairy products. Sometimes, there are also foods high in casein that are not milk-derived products like processed meat and biscuits. This protein can be found in processed products because it is used as an added flavoring.

While this protein works well for developing a leaner body, there are some individuals who are casein intolerant. In fact, people who are allergic to milk and other dairy products are found to be sensitive to casein. Regardless if you are a health buff or an individual who is allergic to casein, it would be useful to know which products are rich with this type of protein.

1. Milk

Mammals’ milk contains a lot of casein. Cows, sheep, goats, buffalos and yaks are just a few examples of animals that produce milk with high levels of casein. Cow’s milk is the most common type, and it is widely available anywhere in the globe. Some countries consume more milk than others such as in the case of Finland and Paris. In Paris, most people prefer consuming cheese over milk.

2. Cheese

Cheese is made of 20% whey and 80% casein. There isn’t any type of cheese that contains zero casein, so if you are allergic, you should totally scratch off cheese from your diet. However, if you aren’t intolerant to this protein it would be a great addition to your diet because it can help increase and retain your muscle mass.

3. Butter

As a dairy product, butter contains casein. Some of the popular types of butter are unsalted, salted, organic and whipped butter. Butter can be consumed in various ways. You can use it to cook dishes or make pastries. You can also spread it on a slice of bread to make toasts. While most of the types of butter contain a high amount of casein, some have very low amounts or zero casein such as ghee or clarified butter.

4. Skimmed Milk

Skimmed milk contains protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, phosphorous and calcium. One cup of skimmed milk contains 8 grams of proteins, which are mostly casein and different types of essential amino acids. They work well in increasing muscle mass. Skimmed milk is quite popular among individuals who are on a low-carb diet because it contains lesser calories compared to regular cow’s milk. However, it has a less appealing taste compared to regular milk.

5. Chocolate Protein Pudding

One serving of chocolate protein pudding contains approximately 4 grams of protein. 80% of the protein found in this kind of pudding is casein. There are ready made mixes that you can use to make your own protein pudding. Casein mixes are highly recommended because they blend better that soy bean or whey based mixes.

6. Custard

Custard is made by mixing eggs, milk, cream, sugar and flavoring. Because it contains milk, it is also rich in casein. There are some recipes that use ready-made custard mixes that contain more protein. Regardless if you use the regular ingredients or protein powder, you can be sure to get a lot of casein from your favorite pudding.

7. Cream-based Soups

Cream-based soups are so good to eat especially during the cold season. There are so many kinds of cream-based soups that you can choose from. Some examples of cream-based soups include chowder, cream of potato, cream of broccoli, cream of chicken and cream of mushroom. Most cream-based soups contain unsalted butter, heavy cream and milk, so you can expect to get a lot of casein in one serving.

8. Yogurt

Like every other dairy product, yogurt is also rich in casein. Greek yogurt, in particular, contains the most amount of this body building protein. Some body builders put whey powder on Greek yogurt so they can consume more heavy proteins.  Apart from large doses of protein, yogurt also contains probiotics, which are good for the gut health.

9. Canned Tuna

Apart from milk and other dairy products, there are also other foods high in casein such as canned tuna. There are some brands that contain hydrolyzed caseinate, a substance used to enhance the taste of the tuna flakes. If you want to incorporate casein in your diet but are tired of consuming dairy products, then you may eat certain brands of canned tuna instead. If you are casein intolerant, you should read the labels to avoid the brands that contain hydrolyzed caseinate.

10. Store-bought Biscuits and Crackers

There are a lot biscuits and crackers that are enriched with casein, especially those that use whole milk. Some brands have casein in them, while others don’t, so it would be best to read the labels. In addition to biscuits and crackers, there are some store-bought cookies that also contain casein.

Bottom Line

Casein can be found in most dairy products. There are also non-obvious sources such as biscuits, crackers, tuna, and cream-based soups. It is effective in improving muscle retention and can help a person shed off unwanted fats. However, it can also cause severe allergies for people who are sensitive to casein and whey.

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