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10 Foods High in Calories That are a Big NO

Foods High in Calories

Unless you are trying to gain weight, you have to avoid foods high in calories. They will make it difficult for you to lose weight. Even if you try really hard to achieve your fitness goals, your efforts will go to waste because of these high-calorie dishes. Even for people who are snacking frequently to gain weight, it is still advisable not to take foods that are rich in calories. They might help you gain weight, but they do nothing to improve your health.

1. Smoothies

Who would have thought taking smoothing is such a bad thing? After all, it is made from fruits and fruits are supposed to be nutritious. Sadly, smoothies are made from artificial fruits juices and they are filled with unhealthy calories. For every 100 grams, you’ll get 37 calories. This means that an average glass would give you up to 600 calories. The worst part is that you won’t feel satisfied and still crave for more. Take fresh fruits instead if you want a healthier alternative.

2. Soda and Sweetened Beverages

Several studies have shown that the sugar used in sweetening beverages increase the risk of chronic diseases. This includes diabetes and heart disease. It also speeds up weight gain. It is advised that you take no more than 6.5 teaspoons of added sugar each day. If you go beyond what is allowed, it is totally unhealthy. In fact, each can of soda contains up to 30 teaspoons of added sugar, reaching up to 475 empty calories each day.

3. Wraps

Sometimes, people think that this is a healthy choice because it has lettuce inside. There are even other vegetables that could be added to the filling. The truth is that the flat breads used as the wrap make the food total unhealthy. It can bring up to 300 calories per serving. Add to that the other unhealthy foods you put inside like cheese, spread, and cold cuts, and you will reach up to 700 calories. In short, it is not in any way a healthy option.

4. Pizza

This is perhaps the food you know is unhealthy but you would love to eat anyway. It is one of the most popular junk foods around the world. Even if you choose the vegetarian option, it is still unhealthy. This is due to the presence of refined wheat flour on the crust and cheese as toppings. If you choose sausage, bacon and other cured meats on top, you might get up to 266 calories per 100 grams. Therefore, if you are a huge pizza lover, it is time to reduce your intake.

5. White Bread

In general, bread is made from wheat and wheat had gluten. It means that if you are trying to lose weight, it is not advisable to take bread. This is worse for people suffering from gluten sensitivity. Most commercial breads available are deemed unhealthy. They are also low in important nutrients and allows spike in sugar level on the blood. For every 100 grams of bread that you take, you will get up to 265 calories. For sure, you consume more than the said amount.

6. Margarine

Margarine is so unhealthy that even dieticians would recommend you to use butter instead. This is acknowledging that butter is already an unhealthy option. Margarine is considered a pseudo-food and usually, it is one of the worst types of food. They significantly increase the trans-fat content in the body. They are difficult to dissolve and they remain as stored fats for a long time. Just 100 grams of margarine will give you over 700 calories. This is just insane.

7. Pastries

If you love cake, doughnuts and other pastries, you have to start changing. All of them contain refined sugar, wheat flour and added gats. Doughnuts for instance are deep fried, making them even unhealthier. Aside from the fact that they are filled with trans-fat, they bring almost nothing in terms of nutrients. For every 100 grams, you will get up to 551 calories. One session in the gym won’t be enough to burn that off.

8. French Fries

You might be very frustrated by now as all your favorite dishes are deemed unhealthy. Basically, potatoes are healthy. Sadly, the same cannot be said with French fries. They are deep friend and they have excessive amounts of calories. They also have other unhealthy contents. If possible, just avoid French fries and potato chips altogether. Several studies have revealed just how you will gain weight should you decide to keep eating them. Over 300 calories will be inside your body for just 100 grams of fries.

9. Low Fat Yogurt

Yogurt can actually be very healthy. However, most of the processed yogurts available in grocery stores are not. They are filled with sugar and they lack the necessary nutrients. They used to have healthy and natural dairy fats that were removed and replaced with something unhealthy. Even with the probiotic bacteria present in it, you will still suffer a lot for it gives up to 154 calories for just a cup.

10. Candy Bars

There is no doubt about candy bars being totally unhealthy. They taste good and they make you feel good, but they won’t do anything to keep you healthy. They are filled with wheat flour, processed fats and lots and lots of sugar. The worst part is they make you feel hungrier even more so you tend to eat more. Just 100 grams of candy bar will give over 500 calories. You should just avoid it whenever possible and choose healthier alternatives. 

Final Advice

It seems like everything on this list is something you would like to snack on. However, if you are trying to lose weight, they won’t do any good. Even if you don’t lose weight, you will still receive no nutrition from taking them. Therefore, you should start looking for healthier options instead. Your body deserves something more. Rest assured, there are better alternative if you really are craving for something good.

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