10 Foods High in Calories That are a Big NO

Unless you are trying to gain weight, you have to avoid foods high in calories. They will make it difficult for you to lose weight. Even if you try really hard to achieve your fitness goals, your efforts will go to waste because of these high-calorie dishes. Even for people who are snacking frequently to gain weight, it is still advisable not to take foods that are rich in calories. They might help you gain weight, but they do nothing to improve your health.

1. Smoothies

Who would have thought taking smoothing is such a bad thing? After all, it is made from fruits and fruits are supposed to be nutritious. Sadly, smoothies are made from artificial fruits juices and they are filled with unhealthy calories. For every 100 grams, you’ll get 37 calories. This means that an average glass would give you up to 600 calories. The worst part is that you won’t feel satisfied and still crave for more. Take fresh fruits instead if you want a healthier alternative.