10 Foods High in Ammonia – High Levels to Avoid!

Ammonia is one of the chemicals widely produced in the America. In its purest form, it is called anhydrous ammonia. The human body also produces ammonia naturally and it is also found in nature. It is important in the production of complex molecule and making proteins. Ammonia is produced in nature by the bacterial processes that occur in the soil. Plants, animals and their decay also naturally produce ammonia. Though this chemical is more commonly used for a lot of household, beauty and industrial purposes, surprisingly, there are at least 10 foods high in ammonia that you typically consume every day.

Though we are exposed to very low ammonia levels every day, it is estimated the average intake of ammonia, by drinking beverages and eating food, should not go beyond 18 mg in a day for a healthy adult. Here is the list of ammonia rich foods that you should watch out for.

1. Cheese

Cheese is so yummy that you’d like to add it to almost any burger, sandwich, salad or dish to enhance its flavor. You have to know that before you pop that piece of cheese in your mouth, that food is a powerhouse of ammonia. Domestic blue cheese tops the list containing the most ammonia with 0.138 for every 100 g.  Cheddar contains 0.11 g, American cheese contains 0.081 g and beer cheese has 0.092 g of ammonia.