Fir Needle Essential Oil

Fir needle is used in treating various illnesses. The needle is the most important part of this plant since it is where the most active and potent ingredients can be found. The essential oil is extracted from the needle and has various health benefits. Aside from the therapeutic effects, the leaves and oil are also used for culinary purposes. Various Italian recipes make include fir needle such as pesto.

Historically, the fir needles were used by people to bring good luck to mothers who have just given birth and to the baby as well. The fir leaves are burnt near the mother and child. Eventually, researches have revealed that the fir needles may also be used in treating various conditions. The needles were used for fighting even the most serious problems like tuberculosis and cancer. Aside from the needles, the other parts of the tree like the bark, gum and leaves also have medical benefits offered.

The essential oil is usually extracted from the leaves and needles of silver fir tree. It is usually produced by steaming. Once the essential oil has been extracted, it can be used in treating various ailments. The best part is that it is one of the better smelling essential oils. It is as if you are walking on a forest during the snow.

The essential oil is usually mixed with other ingredients to maximize the health benefits. The companies producing the essential oil are mostly found in European countries such as Germany, France and Bulgaria. The best part about using this essential oil is that it doesn’t have overpowering scent. It is as if you smell fresh trees in the morning. The oil may also be blended with other essential oils such as lemon and rosemary for improved smell.

Fir Needle Oil Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you will get from using Fir Needle Essential Oil:

  • Helps relieve the body from pain
  • Hastens the detoxification process to keep the body healthy
  • Improves breathing and solves respiratory problems
  • Increases metabolism, aiding in weight loss
  • Removes body odor by neutralizing the foul smell
  • Treats arthritis and muscle pains
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Could help fight cancer cells
  • Prevents infection from spreading throughout the body

Fir Needle Essential Oil Uses

  1. Fir Needle Essential Oil as Antiseptic. This essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. When applied on the skin, it serves as a powerful defense against infection. It also prevents infection from spreading to the rest of the body.
  2. Fir Needle Essential Oil as Pain Reliever. You will start feeling better once you apply the oil on your skin. It helps you feel more relaxed. It is perfect for aching muscles and joints.
  3. Fir Needle Essential Oil as Cough Suppressant. This oil is perfect in treating various respiratory problems. It has the ability to remove the blockage on your nose and make you breathe easier. It also nixes the bacteria and prevents them from spreading.
  4. Fir Needle as Detoxifier. Flash the toxins out of your body using this essential oil. It has the ability to encourage your body to flush the toxins by itself until you start feeling better.
  5. Fir Needle Essential Oil as a Solution to Body Odor. Given the nice smell of this essential oil, using it on your skin helps a lot in solving body odor issues.
  6. Fir Needle Essential Oil as Remedy for Bone Problems. People suffering from osteoporosis and other bone issues will find relief with this essential oil. The healing process is sped up. It is perfect especially for older people.
  7. Fir Needle Essential Oil as Cancer Fighter. There have been studies that showed fir needle as a fighter against cancer. It has anti-tumor properties preventing cancerous cells from getting worse or from spreading throughout the body.
  8. Fir Needle Essential Oil as Remedy for Nausea. Given the good smell of this essential oil, you will start feeling better when you feel like vomiting. This is true especially if you have been traveling long distances.

Fir Needle Side Effects

  • Skin irritation: It is possible to suffer from skin irritation if you are sensitive to the oil. It is best to place a little amount only in certain portions of the skin for testing.
  • Eye irritation: It is highly recommended not to use the oil near the eyes as the irritation could be very serious.
  • Pregnant women: Expecting mothers or women who are going through medications must avoid using this essential oil for potential complication.
  • Breastfeeding women. There could be some side effects to both the mother and the baby when used at this stage.
  • Poisoning. It is not advised to ingest this essential oil. Considering its chemical components, it can easily cause poisoning.

How to Use Fir Needle Essential Oil

There are different ways of using Fir Needle Essential Oil. Here are 2 of them:

  1. Aromatherapy. You may use a vaporizer to diffuse the oil. It is highly recommended to dilute the oil using other scents and essential oil to improve the smell.
  2. Topical. The oil can be applied directly to the skin only after blending it with other essential oils such as coconut in a 1:1 ration. Most people say that this essential oil is quite strong so it needs something else to balance it out.

How to Make Fir Needle Essential Oil

Steam distillation is the process involved in creating Fir Needle Essential Oil. Although the leaves of the fir tree have health benefits, it is suggested to only use the needles as they are the most potent part of the tree. Once extracted, the oil can be kept in a container for future use.

Fir Needle Essential Oil Recipe

The Fir Needle Essential Oil can blend well with almost any other type of essential oil. However, it is perfect with the following: lavender oil, orange oil, pine oil and rosemary oil. In order to create a spray, you can combine four ounces of water with 25 drops of the Fir Needle Essential Oil. You can add the other essential oils but in smaller quantities. Orange and lavender may be added but only 10 drops each. Place the final blend on a spray for storage.

Where to Buy Fir Needle Essential Oil

You can go online and look for Mountain Rose Herbs or Plant Therapy. These sites sell Fir Needle Essential Oil at an affordable rate.

More Information on Fir Needle Essential Oil

  • Fir needle is taken from silver fir which was the first type of tree that became popular as a Christmas tree.
  • It is highly advised to dilute the oil when used due to the high chemical component to avoid possible irritations.
  • The essential oil has the ability to blend well with almost any other scent due to its neutral smell.
  • Aside from oil, fir needle can also be made as tea which is rich in Vitamin C and also has tons of benefits to the body.