Fennel Seed Essential Oil

Essential oils have different uses. They are also made from different types of plant-based ingredients. Fennel seed is one of the most popular essential oils. In fact, it has been used for centuries now. Originally, fennel seed was used for culinary purposes. Specifically, it helped in aiding digestion and breathing.

Fennel can be found in Southern Europe but is also available in the Middle-East and even in China and India. It can reach up to 2 meters in height and has green feathery leaves. It comes with golden-yellow flowers. The seeds look like a huge comma with light brown stripes on its surface in a vertical position. They are usually harvested during the early hours so it would be easier to dry and process them before sending to the markets for sale.

It is usually grown for its sweet taste. It was used mainly for culinary purposes. Aside from its taste, it is also used mainly because of its anti-oxidant properties. It helps free the body from cancer and even brain-related problems. It is also a rich source of fiber. According to studies, for every 100g of fennel seeds, you will get 39.8g of fiber. It helps reduce cholesterol in the body and breaks down salt for easy digestion.

This essential oil is unique mainly because of its scent. It has a distinct licorice flavor and smell. It is somewhat sweet but also strong. It was used for helping solve digestive and respiratory issues. It is also popular in various parts of the world. You might have even tasted it before as it is a popular ingredient in several dishes.

Fennel Seed Essential Oil Benefits

The following are the positive effects of using Fennel Seed Essential Oil:

  • Promotes healthy digestion and resolve digestion related problems
  • Provide support on one’s respiratory system
  • Ensure healthy liver function and blood circulation
  • Enhance metabolism for quick weight loss
  • Useful for body massage especially during a stressful event
  • Help fight sweet food cravings
  • Soothes skin irritation
  • Gives an overall sense of relaxation

Fennel Seed Essential Oil Uses

  1. Fennel Seed Essential Oil as Flavoring. Considering its strong and sweet taste, it is perfect for cooking savory dishes. It helps create authentic homemade dishes that everyone would surely love.
  2. Fennel Seed Essential Oil as Treatment for Digestive Issues. You can add a drop or two of this oil on water for solving digestion related problems. If you are suffering from bowel issues or inflammation, this helps relieve you of the problem.
  3. Fennel Seed Essential Oil as a Substitute for Sweets. It is highly advised to avoid eating sugary foods. However, your sweet tooth always has the desire. To solve this problem, you may use fennel seed as it is quite sweet, but without the negative effects of sugar in the body.
  4. Fennel Seed Essential Oil as Stress Reliever. This oil can also be used for massaging your body. You only need a few drops to be relieved of stress. It has a relaxing and calming effect so you will gradually forget your personal problems.
  5. Fennel Seed Essential Oil as Aid in Metabolism. Slow metabolism leads to increased weight. This is why some people who eat a lot still don’t gain weight because they have faster metabolic rate. You can be just like them with the help of this essential oil.
  6. Fennel Seed Essential Oil as a Motivator. It might seem weird but this oil helps a lot if you want to stay motivated and focused with things you need to finish. It allows you to let go of stress and just relax even for a while.
  7. Fennel Seed Essential Oil as Treatment for Respiratory Issues. When taken internally, this oil helps in stopping respiratory problems. It provides support to the lungs for proper breathing.
  8. Fennel Seed Essential Oil as Remedy for Wounds. It has been revealed that fennel oil has characteristics that aid in hastening the healing process in wounds and in preventing the bacteria from spreading throughout the body.
  9. Fennel Seed Essential Oil as Antioxidant. With what you eat and encounter on a daily basis, your body is filled with toxins and they are unhealthy. It helps if you use this oil as it serves as an antioxidant that gradually removes the unwanted microbes in the body.

Fennel Seed Essential Oil Side Effects

  • Pregnant women. Pregnant women may have certain medical requirements and the use of this oil might not be highly recommended, especially for sensitive pregnancy.
  • Hallucination and seizure. When taken in large amounts, it is possible to suffer from hallucination. It is considered neurotoxic when ingested in large dosage.
  • Breast and ovarian cancer. Due to the presence of estrogenic compounds, it is possible to suffer from estrogen receptor-linked cancers just like breast and ovarian cancer.

How to Use Fennel Seed Essential Oil

There are different ways of using this oil to maximize its effects on the body. Here are some of them:

  1. Diffusion. You may combine it with a diffuser of your choice to harness its effects. The best choices are rosemary and sage. You just have to place a few drops on your hands and spread it across the area that you want to be relieved. You may also place some near your face so you can have better smell.
  2. Internal. Just place one to two drops of the oil in water before taking it. This helps dilute the oil and make it taste better. It has also been approved for consumption. Therefore, you need not worry about it. There are also capsules containing this essential oil as the main ingredient.
  3. You just need to apply it on the specific areas of the body that have been affected. One to two drops would be enough. Just make sure not to put a lot more to avoid potential allergies.

How to Make Fennel Seed Essential Oil

The fennel seed has to be harvested first. It is usually done during the day. It has to be dried first and processed before it can be used. Clean the bulbs thoroughly as they are the parts to be used. Rinse them under cool water to remove impurities. The leaves and stalk must be trimmed. The remaining bulbs must be chopped down to ¼-inch cubes. Combine the olive oil along with the fennel seed pieces on the saucepan under high heat. Once it reaches its boiling point, reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for an hour or so. Strain the oil and store it properly.

Fennel Seed Essential Oil Recipe

You can recreate the said steps in your home. Once the oil is already out and is ready for use, try straining it through a sieve. The remaining parts may still produce oil. Use a spatula or a spoon in order to press the solid parts on the sieve to get as much oil as possible. Place the extracted oil on a container and store it on the fridge. You may also combine the oil with other organic materials for added flavors and benefits.

Where to Buy Fennel Seed Essential Oil

You can find this oil in any local health shop. You may also go online and order one now. If you want a reliable site, try doTerra.

More Information on Fennel Seed Essential Oil

  • If you don’t like the sweet taste of the fennel seed, try using garlic to create balance as it is more savory.
  • Don’t use the oil near your eyes as you might irritate them. Make sure to use them only near the nose to get the right scent.
  • If you have lumps on your breast or other problems related to estrogen, avoid using this oil.
  • It is best if kept on the fridge immediately as it tends to lose flavor over time when not kept on the right place.
  • Consult with your doctor especially if you plan to ingest the oil via capsules.
  • If you experience allergic reactions, stop using the oil right away.
  • Try making the oil only if you understand the steps as the process could easily go south if you don’t faithfully follow what is asked.