What Are The Triggers Of Eye Pain? 14 Common Causes

Eye pain is commonly experienced by children and adults and may be triggered differently by various activities or serious health issues. There are two categories of eye pain – ocular pain and orbital pain. Ocular pains occur when the eyes feel pain on their surface due to irritation and infection caused by foreign objects and other chemicals that have gotten to the eyes. Resulting to irritation, itchiness, water, and redness of the eyes. Excessive exposure to sunlight, light sources (such as arc welding), and chemical burns also lead to a serious eye injury. If not given proper medical attention, these may result in more serious problems.

In orbital pain, discomfort can be felt within the eyes, with symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and severe headache, which can be excruciatingly painful. In addition, some diseases and bacteria can damage the optic nerve resulting in inflammation and infection that, if not treated, may lead to permanent vision loss. Below are some common causes of eye pain. 


Blepharitis is an eye pain experienced when a person’s eyelids become inflamed. Too many bacteria on the eyelashes’ base and clogged oil glands on the eyelids can lead to blepharitis, resulting in irritation and redness of the eyes. This problem is not contagious and does not cause permanent loss of eyesight, but it is bothersome and appalling. In addition, there can be dandruff-like flakes on the skin (mostly on the eyelashes), making the eyes feel dry or teary and watery as the tear duct won’t work properly.

While others feel burning and stinging eyes, some may experience itching, excessive tearing, swelling, and blurring of vision. A person’s cornea is often affected due to the wrong growth of the eyelashes, and some soft eye tissues will be affected too. Inflammations on the skin surrounding the eyes will also happen as most people become uncomfortable and tend to touch the infected eye area. 

Blepharitis treatments differ depending on the symptoms. Some people undergo a comprehensive eye examination to evaluate and diagnose the eye pain. Still, others may only opt for over-the-counter medications, home remedies, and self-care.