15 Health Benefits Of Dry Sauna (Is The Hype Real?)

It’s understandable not to know the difference between a dry sauna and the more common steam sauna. The latter uses water to create pressurized steam that is released into an enclosed area. The former is a little simpler, as it uses a heater within the sauna room that improves circulation thanks to the heat conductivity of the wood. So while most people have experienced a steam sauna, it’s understandable not to know what a dry sauna is. That said, the dry sauna is the more affordable option of the two and, in some ways, is the superior alternative to the steam sauna. While the steam sauna also has plenty of health benefits, it’s a good idea to look into the primary benefits of the dry sauna, as it just might convince you to try it.

The sauna touts many different health benefits, which is why so many people book a sauna session at their local spa. Did you know you could have your sauna room built at home? It’s easier to build when you go for a dry sauna, making it the superior option at home. Here are a few key benefits of the dry sauna.

Improves Lung Capacity

Some health professionals recommend using a dry sauna to help improve overall lung capacity. One of the most prominent health benefits of a dry sauna is how it can potentially improve your breathing, making it surprisingly useful for those with respiratory conditions such as asthma. In addition, a recent study shows that individuals who commonly use the dry sauna have lowered odds of catching the flu or even the common cold. Sauna bathing is even a good idea for those who suffer from bronchitis. Considering that our lungs are directly responsible for getting life-giving oxygen into our body, it’s always a good idea to consider lung health a top priority.

Another reason dry saunas are such a good idea is how stressful it can be to suffer from respiratory conditions. It’s not easy to manage a situation where you’re unable to breathe as well as you should. The dry sauna improves overall circulation and allows you to improve lung capacity. Depending on your respiratory condition, frequenting the dry sauna will eventually lead to lessening symptoms. Overall, it’s a fantastic way of healing your lungs and improving their capacity.