What Causes Dry Eyelids? 15 Common Causes (You Should Know)

For most people, dry eyelids are a fact of life due to how common the condition can be. The skin surrounding the eyelids differs from most skin on your body. The eyelid is much thinner than other skin types, making it more vulnerable. In addition, the eyelids (and their surrounding areas) are vascular in nature, which means anything that could potentially irritate or inflame the skin are likely to cause more problems for your eyelids than any other part of the body.

As a result, dry eyelids can be common and frustrating for the average individual. When irritated, the skin can become rough and scaly, which can also cause your eyes to be irritated. For many, dealing with dry eyelids, from treatment to prevention, can be challenging due to how prevalent the condition can be.

Fortunately, learning the many causes of dry eyelids will result in a much easier time avoiding the skin condition. It’s similar to preventing allergies, where understanding your allergens will help you avoid the issue in the future. Here are some of the most common causes of dry eyelids and some information to help prevent them.

Not Producing Enough Sebum

As the body ages, some changes allow conditions such as dry eyelids to become more prevalent over time. For example, as the body ages, it produces less sebum, a type of oil that helps keep the skin moisturized and youthful. Unfortunately, less sebum means dryer skin, which can lead to skin conditions if you don’t take the time to keep moisturized.

While the body can produce enough sebum to keep the skin moisturized, it sometimes needs help to stay as healthy as possible. For the bodies that don’t make enough sebum, it can cause various health issues, mostly involving the skin. These skin conditions can include dry eyelids, which can cause the eyelids to flake and crust over. In some situations, it might even be challenging to open your eyes after sleep, as the crusting tends to glue the eyelids closed.

Not producing enough sebum is a common cause of dry eyelids, though there isn’t much to worry about. Keeping the body moisturized to help fight the effects of aging is an excellent way to ensure you avoid dry eyelids as much as possible.