What Are The Triggers Of Diverticulitis? 10 Common Causes

Excessive Alcohol Intake

Alcohol abuse is defined as the unhealthy pattern of drinking too much alcohol. People who are suffering from alcohol abuse have no control over their drinking habits and may find the need to get drunk frequently. The root cause of alcohol abuse is mainly psychological. However, its consequences are reflected in the different organs of the body. Excessive alcohol intake can lead to the development of liver diseases, heart problems, and digestive issues.

Alcohol drinkers are more likely to develop diverticulitis and diverticular bleeding. Too much alcohol can decrease the motility of the rectosigmoid. Restosigmoid is the lowest portion of the large intestine, connecting it to the rectum. The alcohol can cause damage to the nerves or muscles of the rectosigmoid, resulting in failed propulsion of food through the digestive tract.

Medical experts strongly believe there is a strong link between alcohol abuse and the severity of diverticulitis. Some studies claim that drinking too much alcohol can increase the chances of developing diverticulitis by 80%. However, more comparative studies are still needed to solidify this claim. Experts and doctors advise patients to quit drinking alcohol to avoid diverticulitis flare-ups.