Cypriol Essential Oil

Cypriol Essential Oil is sometimes referred to as Nut Grass or Nagarmotha Essential oil. It is derived from the rhizomes of the Nut Grass or Cypriol using steam distillation. In many countries, they regard nut grass as a perennial weed, but in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, this plant is highly regarded for its amazing benefits.

The Cypriol or Nagarmotha is a plant native to India. Locals boil the rhizome to make concoctions for diabetes, menstrual pain and even snake bite. Other parts of the plants such as the leaves and flowers are made into paste or a powder and ingested to treat a number of gastrointestinal diseases.

Long before the discovery of the Cypriol Essential Oil, old people in India used the Nut Grass rhizome for a lot of purposes, mainly during rituals. The oil comes in a rich amber color. It has a very distinct smoky, woody and earthy smell. Most of the time, people use this in aromatherapy to relax their muscles and nerves.

The Cypriol Essential Oil contains a wide range of compounds. In total, it has 27 chemical components. Among the major volatile chemicals found in the oil are cyperene, alpa-cyperone, alpha-copaene, alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, beta-pinene, patchulenone and cyperotundone.

Traditional doctors claim that it is anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antimicrobial, decongestant, astringent, stimulant, carminative, tonic and diuretic. There are a very few studies conducted to study the plant’s medicinal properties. Most of the claims are just based from the claims of people who practice Ayurvedic and traditional medicine.

Cypriol Essential Oil Benefits

Cypriol Essential Oil offers a lot of benefits, including:

  • Decongests the nose
  • Helps treat cough
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Heals various skin diseases
  • Helps treat acne
  • Serves as additional ingredient in making perfume

Cypriol Essential Oil Uses

There are not a lot of scientific studies that prove the efficacy of Cypriol Essential Oil in treating or managing diseases. However, people who use traditional medicine have years of experience in using this essential oil. According to the Ayurvedic medicine, the following benefits can be enjoyed if you use this oil:

  1. Cypriol Essential Oil as an Effective Decongestant. Add 2 to 5 drops of the oil in steaming water. Inhaling medicated steam is claimed to work well in clearing a congested respiratory tract. You can repeat the process every day until the phlegm and mucus are completely loosened.
  2. Cypriol Essential Oil for Managing Skin Problems. Psoriasis and Dermatitis are two of the most common skin problems in the world. The Cypriol oil is used to relieve the itchiness and the inflammation. As claimed by believers, the oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help alleviate the pain and decrease the redness and flakiness of the affected area. The oil is also said to be effective in hydrating the skin, so it can be used to control breakouts.
  3. Cypriol Essential Oil as a Stress Reliever. Add a few drops of the Cypriol Essential Oil in pot of steaming water or in a diffuser. Inhale the steam to help you relax from a long and tiring day at work. You can also massage the oil on your skin. Just make sure to combine it with other oils so you do not go over the prescribed concentration.

Cypriol Essential Oil Side Effects

There are no recorded side effects of the Cypriol Essential Oil due to the lack of research conducted over the years. Be cautious in using the oil if you have skin sensitivities. Make sure to conduct a skin patch test to see if you are allergic with the oil.

How to Use Cypriol Essential Oil

Similar to other kinds of essential oil, the Cypriol Oil is mostly used as a topical treatment, massage oil or an inhalant. Most people prefer combining it with other oils that have earthy or woody scent like cedar wood and clary sage. Others prefer combining it with more fruity-smelling essences such as ylang-ylang, bergamot, orange and grape fruit.

In applying the Cypriol Essential Oil on your skin, you need to combine 5 drops of the oil with 1 teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil. Be mindful not to use more than 5% concentration of this essential oil. For aromatherapy, you can put 5 to 7 drops of the oil in a diffuser or a pot of boiling water.

How to Make Cypriol Oil

The Nut Grass is cultivated in Asia and some parts of Europe. To make the oil, you need to gather the plant’s rhizome. The process of extracting the oil involves steam distillation. You need to have your steam distillation equipment set up properly to extract a good amount of oil. Before tossing the rhizome into the pot, you can either cut it into small pieces or crush it whole.

Cypriol Essential Oil Recipe

This oil is not as popular as the other essential oils. People prefer to use it as an additive to their oil blend. To make your own oil blend, combine 5 to 7 drops of the oil with 1 teaspoon of your preferred carrier oil. Some of the carrier oils that you can use are almond oil, cranberry seed oil and grape seed oil.

Where to Buy Cypriol Essential Oil

Compared to other oils, the Cypriol Essential Oil is not very common in drugstores or groceries. If you want to purchase a small bottle, you can opt to go directly to the brand’s website to order online. You can also look for one in eBay or Amazon. When you are searching for this oil, you can either type Cypriol Essential Oil, Nagarmotha Essential Oil or Nut Grass Oil. Some of the trusted brands you can find are Eden’s Garden, Healing Solutions, Bianca Rosa and Mystic Movements.

More Information on Cypriol Essential Oil

  • Never take the oil internally.
  • Make sure to dilute the oil with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritations.
  • Do not use the oil on pregnant or nursing women.
  • Using the oil for children is not recommended.
  • Consult with you physician before using the oil if you are under medication.

Cypriol Essential Oil FAQS

Is the Cypriol Essential Oil safe to use? Even with the lack of studies to support the claims of the product’s efficacy, it is still deemed safe to use, as long as you do not exceed the suggested oil concentration of 5%. To get the right concentration, just combine the 5 drops of oil with carrier oils like grape seed oil, hazelnut oil and cranberry seed oil. Also, you must check if you are allergic with oil by conducting a quick patch test.

Where can I find a bottle of Cypriol Oil? There are various shops online where you can order a bottle of this essential oil. You will simply need to type Cypriol Oil or Cypriol Essential Oil in the search box to find the different shops. You may also search for brands via eBay or Amazon. Both of these companies have a great list of brands that you can choose from.