Cypress Essential Oil

Cupressus sempervirens is the scientific name of Italian Cypress, the coniferous tree used to make Cypress Essential Oil. This tree is a native species of the Mediterranean region. There are also some varieties of the Italian Cypress that grows in Turkey and Iran. The plant is considered medicinal because of several ingredients that help prevent infection, spasms, bacterial infection and rheumatism.

Cypress Essential Oil is extracted from the stem, twigs, flowers and leaves of the Italian Cyprus. This essential oil is known for its numerous health benefits. According to studies, this oil can be used to flush out toxins, relieve anxiety and panic, help the respiratory system function properly and fight different types of infection.

Cypress Essential Oil has three active ingredients – alpha-pinene, limonene and carene. Alpha-pinene is a terpene that is naturally found in coniferous plants such as the Italian Cypress. It is a substance that helps prevent bacterial infection and remove toxin inside the body. Limonene on one hand is substance helps treats respiratory disease and promote weight loss, while carene calms the nerves as well the muscles.

Cypress Essential Oil Benefits

Cypress Essential Oil benefits include:

  • Heals a wide range of infections
  • Cleanses and treats wounds
  • Relieves muscle cramps
  • Helps remove toxins inside your body
  • Improves blood clotting time
  • Helps treat respiratory diseases
  • Serves as a natural deodorizer
  • Calms the nerves
  • Helps fight off cancer
  • Helps get rid of cellulite and varicose veins

Cypress Essential Oil Uses

In Mediterranean folklore, Cypress is commonly associated to death. Despite old beliefs, this medicinal plant shows a lot of potential, especially in treating a wide range of health problems.

  1. Cypress Essential Oil as a Powerful Antioxidant. A study conducted in 2014 showed how Cypress Essential Oil can scavenge free radicals. In the study it was revealed that this oil could get rid of nitric oxide, a very active free radical. Without removing nitric oxide, the levels of levels of Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS) and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Increased levels of RNS and ROS can cause serious tissue damage.
  2. Cypress Essential Oil for Calming the Nerves. Like most of the essential oils, Cypress Essential Oil also helps calm the nerves. It also induces the production of dopamine, or your happy hormones. This oil is especially helpful for people who frequently suffer from panic or anxiety attacks.
  3. Cypress Essential Oil as a Natural Deodorant. Thanks to the refreshing, masculine and spicy smell of the cypress tree, this essential oil is an incredible natural deodorizer that you can use to prevent body odor. You can add a few drops of this oil to your laundry detergent so your clothes would smell clean and fresh all-day long.
  4. Cypress Essential Oil for Improving Blood Clotting Time. The Cypress Essential Oil has astringent and hemostatic properties so it is very good in stopping the excess flow of blood. These two properties tighten the muscles and induce the blood to produce platelets. As such, this oil is can help women who suffer from heavy blood flow during menstruation.
  5. Cypress Essential Oil for Cleaning and Treating Wounds. If you want to treat your external or internal wounds quickly, you can use the Cypress Essential Oil. This oil contains camphene, which acts as a strong antiseptic. In a study published in the journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine the researchers discovered that this oil can inhibit bacterial growth, so it is effective in managing and treating wounds. According to the researchers, this essential oil can be used as an additive to facial soaps to manage skin breakouts.

Cypress Essential Oil Side Effects

Ingesting the Cypress Essential Oil is strongly discouraged. Furthermore, it is not recommended for pregnant women. Before using the oil topically, you must conduct a skin patch test. For best results, you should add the oil with a few drops of carrier oil.

How to Use Cypress Essential Oil

In applying this essential oil, you must dilute 5 to 7 drops with a few drops of carrier oil. You can use the diluted oil to soothe sore muscles and joints, muscle cramps, to treat colds and coughs, and to manage carpal syndrome. If you are feeling discomfort while on your period, you can apply the diluted oil on the hip region. You can also add the oil to your favorite soap and shampoo to manage skin problems.

If you prefer to inhale the essential oil, you can drop 5 drops of oil to a pot of boiling water or diffuser. You can use this method to reduce phlegm or to induce a calm atmosphere in your rooms.

How to Make Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress Essential Oil is made through steam-distillation. To make your own essential own, you need to gather young stems, twigs and needles of the Italian Cypress tree. Make sure to crush or cut the different parts of the tree so you can extract more oil. Use the standard procedure in steam-distillation to produce your own essential oil.

Cypress Essential Oil Recipe

You can blend the Cypress Essential Oil with other essential oils such as coconut oil, ylang-ylang oil, and chamomile oil. The cypress and coconut oil blend can be used to treat wounds and varicose veins.

If you wish to make a homemade deodorant using Cypress Essential Oil, then follow the recipe below:


  • Half cup of baking soda
  • Half cup of coconut oil
  • 50 to 60 drops of your favorite essential oils
  • Empty deodorizer container


  1. Combine all of the ingredients together to make the paste.
  2. Once the ingredients are well blended, you can pour the mixture into the blank deodorant container.
  3. Let the mixture dry.

Where to Buy Cypress Essential Oil

You can find Cypress Essential Oil in online shops like eBay and Amazon. There are also some exclusive brands that you can purchase on their company website. A few popular brands include doTerra, Young Living Essentials, Sun Essential Oils and Plant Therapy.

More Information on Cypress Essential Oil 

  • This product is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • There are very few studies that tell about its use for children.
  • If in doubt, you should consult your physician before using the oil to avoid problems especially if you have skin sensitivity.

Cypress Essential Oil FAQS

Is this essential oil safe? Yes. However, just to be sure, you should conduct a patch test before you use it for therapy.

Where are the best places I could buy this essential oil? There are some brands available in groceries and drugstores. But, if you want to have a wider selection, you can just go to eBay or Amazon.