Cubeb Essential Oil

Cubeb Essential Oil is extracted from the berries of the cubeb plant, and is used for making perfumes and in treating different health problems like congestion and flatulence relief. It has anti-inflammatory and calming properties, and it is also used as an aphrodisiac. This plant is native to Malaysia and Indonesia, and reached Europe through Arab traders. It is also grown in is also grown in China and India.

Cubeb is an evergreen climbing vine that is also popularly known for its other names, including kumukus, kababa, java pepper, and tailed pepper. This plant that grows six-meter high is a part of the Piper genus. Cubeb Essential Oil varies in color ranging from colorless to light green and bluish green. It’s thick in consistency, and it has an acrid taste with spicy, woody, and warm aroma.

This essential oil is used in Ayurvedic medicine. Its use can be traced as far back as 4th century BC. In China, it was used during the Tang Dynasty, and was popularly called vilenga and vadina, which are its names in Sanskrit. Tibetan medicine uses this essential oil for treating spleen problems.

Cubeb Essential Oil is made of various compounds with the active ones being sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes. The monoterpenes compounds include α-thujene, 50% sabinene, and carene, while the sesquiterpenes compounds include copaene, δ-cadinene, germacrene, caryophyllene, and α- and β-cubebene. Other substances that can be found in this essential oil are cineole, alcohol cubebol, lineal, azulene, pinene, and camphor. It has various properties that include stimulant, antimicrobial, antioxidant, expectorant, and aphrodisiac.

Cubeb Essential Oil Benefits

There are various benefits to the use of Cubeb Essential Oil, including the following:

  • Treats fertility problems
  • Resolves menstrual issues
  • Treats flatulence
  • Cures infections
  • Relieves congestions and various respiratory concerns
  • Eliminates toxic substances in the body
  • Increases the frequency of urination and quantity of urine
  • Regulates proper digestion
  • Cures cough
  • Treats inflammation and skin rashes
  • Relieves sore throat
  • Relieves hay fever and asthma

Cubeb Essential Oil Uses

  1. Cubeb Essential Oil as Stimulant. It stimulates various parts of the body making sure that they function properly.This includes the nervous and circulatory system.
  2. Cubeb Essential Oil as Gastro-Protective Agent. It prevents and treats gastro-intestinal problems, including ulcer.
  3. Cubeb Essential Oil as Astringent. It is used to improve the appearance of the skin. It minimizes pores, as well as prevents oily skin.
  4. Cubeb Essential Oil as Carminative. This essential oil is also effective in relieving flatulence.
  5. Cubeb Essential Oil as Disinfectant. It can be used for treating wounds and preventing the spread of infection.
  6. Cubeb Essential Oil as Analgesic. This essential oil can be used to relieve different kinds of pains in the body.
  7. Cubeb Essential Oil as Hepatoprotective. It can protect the liver from damage caused by various factors, including parasites, virus, and bacteria.
  8. Cubeb Essential Oil as Antipyretic. It effectively lowers body temperature and cures fever.
  9. Cubeb Essential Oil as Antimicrobial. This prevents the growth of microorganisms that can harm the body such as bacteria and fungi.
  10. Cubeb Essential Oil as Antioxidant. It eliminates toxins in the body keeping the body healthy and making your skin look more beautiful.
  11. Cubeb Essential Oil as Expectorant. It has been used since the earliest times for treating coughs, as well as sore throats.
  12. Cubeb Essential Oil as Aphrodisiac. It is used in African and Middle Eastern countries as aphrodisiac. The oil is applied on the genitalia, and is said to increase pleasure in sex.
  13. Cubeb Essential Oil as Antiseptic. It can fight various types of infections, including kidney, urinary tract, and wound infection.
  14. Cubeb Essential Oil as Diuretic. It increases the frequency of urination, as well as the amount of urine expelled. This eliminates toxins in the body, and also aids in weight loss and in regulating blood pressure.   

Cubeb Essential Oil Side Effects

Although Cubeb Essential Oil is used with other ingredients for treating skin problems and for enhancing the skin, it is not advised to be used on its own on the skin as it could cause irritation. That being said, it is not recommended to be used on children, pregnant women, and those with sensitive skin without consulting a doctor. It is also not prescribed to be used internally or if it is not diluted as it can be toxic. Other possible side effects of using this essential oil are headache and nausea. Those who have digestive tract inflammation must also avoid its use.

How to Use Cubeb Essential Oil

There are various ways on how to use Cubeb Essential Oil and this includes the following:

  • Massage the oil to the painful or sore muscles in your body for pain relief.
  • Use in aromatherapy for relaxation and to relieve stress.
  • It is used as an ingredient in fragrances and various beauty products.

How to Make Cubeb Essential Oil

Cubeb Essential Oil is derived from cubeb plant. Its ripe berries are sun-dried then crushed. The crushed cubeb berries undergo the process of steam distillation, which extracts the essential oil coming from the berries. This produces about 4% to 30% oil.

Cubeb Essential Oil Recipe

There are various health benefits to using Cubeb Essential Oil. You can make your homemade recipe for treating sore throat or rashes using this as an ingredient.

  1. Inflammation and Rashes Treatment Recipe

Mix 5 drops of Cubeb Essential Oil, 2 drops of wheatgerm, and 50 ml almond and apply on affected area.

  1. Sore Throat Treatment Recipe

Mix 3 drops of Cubeb Essential Oil to 3 drops of water and inhale the steam. You can also use this for gargling.

Where to Buy Cubeb Essential Oil

You can find Cubeb Essential Oil on your local essential oil store. If you can’t find one, a more convenient alternative is to purchase one online. There are several providers offering this essential oil on the Internet, but make sure that you are only dealing with a trusted and reputable seller. Silky Scents is one of the top brands of Cubeb Essential Oil to consider.

More Information on Cubeb Essential Oil

  • Cubebol is a substance that is found in Cubeb Essential Oil. The said substance was patented in 2001 by Swiss company Firmenich, which describes it as a refreshing agent.
  • Shiseido, a popular cosmetic company in Japan, patented their anti-aging product formula, which included cubeb.
  • Cubeb Essential Oil blends well with other essential oils that include rosemary, clove, and cananga, as well as woods.
  • Several cigarette brands also have cubeb as an ingredient on their products.
  • During the Medieval times, it was not widely used as a spice on its own, but it was used with other spices like galangale.
  • A study that was made in 2012, showed the effect of Cubeb Essential Oil in killing adult worms, as well as in fighting cercariae and schistosomula.
  • In Ayurvedic medicine, it is commonly used for treating bone and joint problems.
  • This oil was also used during the time when Alchemy was widely practiced, although there’s no information about its direct use on the said practice.
  • The earliest documentation of its use was in 4th century BC. Theophrastus, the successor of Aristotle, wrote the book Historia Plantarum, which was translated to Enquiry into Plants. It contains information on the use of Cubeb Essential Oil that was then called komakon.
  • Aside from the medicinal and beauty benefits of Cubeb Essential Oil, it is also used as an ingredient in toothpastes, oral cleansers, chewing gums, spirits, and lozenges.