Cranberry Seed Oil

Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) is a potent fruit that is known to improve one’s health. Cranberries are antioxidants that inhibit and remove oxidizing agents. These oxidizing agents can damage a living organism and can deteriorate the food products stored inside the body. In addition to that, these antioxidants involve the various kinds of polyphenols which improve the health of cells within the body. Other components of cranberries that suggest numerous benefits include anthocyanins, flavonols, proanthocyanidins, organic acids and carbohydrates.

When processed and cold-pressed, its Cranberry Seed Oil could be extracted and still have the same amount of those beneficial components. This is because cold pressing does not require massive heat and chemical additives, which can denature the proteins present in cranberries, in drawing the oil.

Cranberries are foreign to some countries because they are widely grown in native American and Nordic countries. They had been used for centuries as a go-to when someone is suffering from colds, digestive tract problems and even urinary tract infections. Cranberry Seed Oil was then used for a wide scope of internal body difficulties.

Aside from its overall health benefits, Cranberry Seed Oil is also widely used as a skin care product for it nourishes the skin, leaving a healthy white and glowing look. It revitalizes the skin from deep within and is recommended for those who wants to improve their dull complexion. It is definitely better than other chemical-based skincare products.

Cranberry Seed Oil Benefits

The following are the benefits and healing potentials of using Cranberry Seed Oil:

  • Can be used as an anti-aging substance.
  • Gives natural sun blocking properties.
  • Lubricates and moisturizes skin.
  • Reduces skin irritation and redness.
  • Contains nutrients for the scalp and hair.
  • Can be used as an anti-inflammatory substance.
  • Can be used as a massage oil.
  • Remedies colds, digestive and urinary problems.

Cranberry Seed Oil Uses

  1. Cranberry Seed Oil As Anti-Aging Substance. Cranberry Seed Oil contains Vitamin E that serves as an antioxidant and fatty acids that are highly permeable to the skin, deeply nourishing it. Its application on skin can increase the elasticity of the skin cells. Collagen content is also increased leaving a firm skin after the Cranberry Seed Oil is applied. In addition to that, it can also decrease the age spot’s visibility giving you a younger look.
  2. Cranberry Seed Oil As a Natural Sunscreen. Higher content of antioxidants in Cranberry Seed Oil leads to the accumulation of its natural sun blocking properties. A natural sunscreen can be made at home but it is only applicable to people with olive to dark skin. The natural sunscreen may not work well in people having a pale complexion.
  3. Cranberry Seed Oil As a Moisturizer. Moisturizers often have omega fatty acids and Cranberry Seed Oil happens to be rich with these. It has the power to lubricate the skin while locking in the moisture leaving you to have a longer hydrated skin. Beauty experts suggest to combine this with body lotion to have an anti-aging effect on the user’s skin. People with dry acne prone skin need not to worry because Cranberry Seed Oil is safe to use and gives an intense hydration to the dry skin without making it appear greasy.
  4. Cranberry Seed Oil Reduces Irritation and Redness. Several people have really sensitive skin and to soothe that problem, Cranberry Seed Oil offers a solution! Since it is composed of organic acids such as benzoic acid, the skin irritation and redness can be treated. It is also safe for people who have dry acne prone skin because it has a comedogenic rating of 2.
  5. Cranberry Seed Oil For Healthy Scalp and Hair. The high vitamin E present in Cranberry Seed Oil promote shiny hair by moisturizing deep within the hair roots and scalp. Fatty acids present in Cranberry Seed Oil has an ability in fighting dandruff and sealing the moisture.
  6. Cranberry Seed Oil As an Anti-inflammatory Substance. Some of the skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea can be treated by the anti-inflammatory properties of Cranberry Seed Oil. High amounts of the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids serve as a protection in the skin’s lipid barrier. This now prevents the dry and rough patches on skin.
  7. Cranberry Seed Oil As A Massage Oil. The consistency and texture of Cranberry Seed Oil is ideal for massage oils. When combined with jojoba oil and lavender oil, optimum results of a beautiful skin can be obtained since the following were rich in Vitamin E too.
  8. Cranberry Seed Oil As An Antiviral. It is already stated beforehand that Cranberry Seed Oil contains polyphenols. Latest studies show the potential of treating viral skin infections. In this way, Cranberry Seed Oil serves as an anti-viral agent but its effects are yet to be studied and discovered. As of now, researchers only released the discovery of finding antiviral microbicides. The research went through series of testing the Cranberry Seed Oil to various pH levels and proteins. And it has been suggested to be a compelling candidate for impeding the exponential growth of viruses in human skin.

Cranberry Seed Oil Side Effects

  1. Cranberry Seed Oil can cause upset stomach and diarrhea. Although Cranberry Seed Oil is likely to be safe and edible, drinking too much of it can increase the likelihood of an upset stomach and diarrhea. The uptake threshold for Cranberry in general should not be more than 1 liter a day.
  2. Cranberry Seed Oil can lead to kidney stones formation. Too much uptake of this might lead to the formation of kidney stones. The kidney stones formation is due to the presence of a large amount of oxalate in Cranberry Seed Oil. Studies show that it can boost the oxalate level in urine for about 43%. This is why use of Cranberry Seed Oil is not recommended for people who are prone to kidney stone formation.
  3. Cranberry Seed Oil may cause allergic reaction to some. For those people who have aspirin allergy, uptake of Cranberry Seed Oil is not recommended because it contains salicylic acid which is just similar to aspirin.
  4. Cranberry Seed Oil may cause atrophic gastritis. For people who have atrophic gastritis or inflammation of the stomach lining, its uptake is also not recommended because it can increase the absorption of Vitamin B12 in the body. Too much Vitamin B12 also has adverse effects in the body especially the people prone to atrophic gastritis.
  5. Cranberry Seed Oil is not recommended for diabetic persons. For those people suffering from diabetes, be careful on what Cranberry Seed Oil to choose. And choose Cranberry products that do not have extra sugar.

How to Use Cranberry Seed Oil

  1. For The Face. Cranberry Seed Oil can be used in your face. Use a few drops and massage it onto your palm and it will be sufficient for the whole face. Apply it at night and it will serve as a moisturizing agent. It will give your hair a non-greasy and non-oily look. The Cranberry Seed Oil also has an ability to be absorbed easily and will not tend to leave an oily feeling on its users.
  2. For the Hair. Cranberry Seed Oil can also be used in your hair. Just add 2-3 drops of Cranberry Seed Oil to the shampoo and conditioner container and shake before using. Users will feel a naturally refreshing and brilliant hair. It can also be directly added to the hair, just add a few drops and massage on palm. Apply it from the root tips to the scalp.
  3. For the Body. Cranberry Seed Oil is recommended for face and body. Few drops can be mixed with body creams, lotion, make-up removers, shower and bath gel, shampoos, conditioner, face mask, sunscreen products, lip balms and many other beauty and skin care products.

How to Make Cranberry Seed Oil

The Cranberry Seed Oil undergoes a coldpressing process.

  1. Filtering. The cranberry fruit is filtered first. The seeds are sent to the series of spaces which involve air propulsion systems to remove the impurities in its seed.
  2. Milling. The seeds are to have a paste texture through grounding using millstones or modern stainless presses.
  3. Pressing. After the paste is slowly-stirred, it now undergoes pressing by which pressure is applied to draw the oil out from the cranberry seeds.
  4. Filtering. Next to that, the extracted oil will undergo another filtering method to separate the small pieces of peel or pulp present in the extracted oil.
  5. Decanting. Lastly, the filtered oil will be decanted and will be off to manufacturing systems.

Cranberry Seed Oil Recipe

Here’s how to make Cranberry Seed Oil as an anti-aging.

  1. Pour in 1 tablespoon of argan oil, 1 teaspoon of watermelon seed oil, 1 teaspoon of Cranberry Seed Oil and 1 teaspoon of prickly pear oil in a glass dropper bottle.
  2. Add the primary anti-aging essential oils likes 4 drops of lavender, 4 drops of frankincense and 4 drops of sandalwood.
  3. Combine the oils through shaking and massage 2-4 drops onto skin.

Where to Buy Cranberry Seed Oil

Cranberry Seed Oil can be purchased online especially in Amazon. If you are looking for nearer shops, it can also be purchased in local stores and pharmacies. Known brands include Botanical Beauty, Biopurus, and St. Ives.

More Information on Cranberry Seed Oil

  • It is the only essential oil with a balanced ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids making it easier to sink deep into the skin.
  • It may be potent in reducing the risk of heart diseases due to its anthocyanin content.
  • It was used by some who practice balanced diet to lose weight.