10 Proven Health Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is a type of dietary supplement extracted from the liver of Atlantic cod fish. Ludovicus Josephus de Jongh first used cod liver oil in 1843. He experimented and produced the first extensive chemical analysis of cod liver. The study showed that the light-brown oil was therapeutic. Until now, this oil has maintained its popularity because of its tremendous omega-3 fatty acids and effectiveness against different diseases.

Cod liver oil can be obtained from the liver of Gadus morhua, Atlantic cod, and other Gadidae or cod family species. Oil extraction from the livers can be done manually by grounding them with water to form a paste. Then gently simmering the paste until the oil rises to the top. After scooping the oil, it’ll be skimmed and purified. Aside from the traditional method, modern techniques like pressure extraction, pressure cooking, and cold flotation are used by huge companies nowadays.

Cod liver oil holds a lot of potential in the field of medicine. Therefore, several researchers took an interest in exploring the different benefits of cod liver oil in the human body. Below are some of its benefits.

High in Vitamins A and D

A teaspoon of cod liver oil contains vitamin A, about 90% of the recommended daily intake. Vitamin A is a water-soluble vitamin that helps maintain normal vision, brain function, and skin elasticity. Vitamin A supplements also promote growth and development, boost the immune system, and allow the internal organs to function properly. It also stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells, which helps in remodeling bones.

Cod liver oil also contains vitamin D, about 113% of the recommended daily intake. Vitamin D is fat-soluble. Its primary role is to help the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus. It also helps in maintaining bone and teeth health. In addition, taking cod liver oil as a supplement is vital in regulating inflammation and immunity. 

Studies have shown that taking adequate cod liver oil will lessen the chances of acquiring autoimmune diseases, eye problems, and bone-related problems. Moreover, animal studies have shown that severe conditions such as heart disease and cancer can also be avoided by taking cod liver oil.